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  1. I like the idea but only for circulating coins. The ones doen purely for collectors rub me me the wrong way a little.
  2. Hey, My two boys have gotten into attributing world coins, and I don't have a whole lot of loose ones lying around anymore. I'm sure some lots are better than others and I'm hoping list members have some tips on who or what to look for or look out for. Variety of types and countries would be the major consideration right now. Any recommendations?
  3. If it's that rare of a medal it'll probably be difficult to find much more information thatn you've found. I wonder a little about the weight, did you use a scale that was tared properly? Authentic medals like this tend to go for $2000-$3000 when they find a buyer.
  4. I'm helping My son Erich look at some primary sources for the WWII war time coinage, inparticular the Nickel, Cent, and Canadian Nickel. We came upon one article in the NYT talking about a proposal to make 12.5 cent coins but the min actually preferred a 1/2 cent piece of plastic. The reason for the 1/2 denomination was to deal with sales taxes. Obviously that proposal didn't become law, it'll be interesting to find out why not.
  5. I'm 40 and until yesterday I had never heard of the Canadian war nickels. I've been familiar with the US cents and nickels for over twentyfive years but entirely ignorant of the Canadian changes. Yesterday I was helping my son define the scope of his Central States exhibit and that's where this "discovery" was made. It's just funny to me how well one can maintain ignorance.
  6. You gotta find a medieval specialist to get those quickly, they all look similar to me.
  7. The facing portraits might help narrow it down a little, the reverses really don't; the cross with four pellets was used all over. The middle one reminds me of a Hungarian denar but it's just hard to say when one doesn't look at these a lot. Search for things like medieval, denar, silver penny, facing portrait either google or vcoins and see if you have any luck.
  8. Fixed to actually show the pic
  9. They are medieval, I'd guess 11th-13th century AD but not sure about the date. They can be hard to pin down.
  10. Just some things lying around
  11. jlueke

    Penny Cleaning

    How are they ruined, are they corroded?
  12. At least they didn't give him the coins.
  13. Found something http://www.coinbooks.org/esylum_v15n44a24.html
  14. That's not a real coin, it's some sort of replica token. Besides the legend being off the style and flan are also not ancient.
  15. Has someone seen an article stating that the famous sheikh buyin up man ancient coins is being sued for non payment of lots fom the January auctions.
  16. https://plus.google.com/app/plus/x/idii4r38t9he/?v=photos_by_activity_id&force=1&partnerid=t1&aid=z12mgxjwgnizshwyv04cgjexmta4yzaytzs0k&sspath=/app/basic/106006416033970547924/posts&surl=partnerid%3Dt1%26force%3D1%26cbp%3Dwg286ycmk60p%26spath%3D/app/plus/x%26sparm%3Dfid%253D106006416033970547924%2526partnerid%253Dt1%2526v%253Dprofile_photos%2526surl%253Dfid%25253D106006416033970547924%252526v%25253Dprofile_photos%252526partnerid%25253Dt1%252526surl%25253Dcbp%2525253D1ep8w2ty0d1ew%25252526force%2525253D1%25252526partnerid%2525253Dt1%252526force%25253D1%252526sspath%25253D%25252Fapp%25252Fbasic%25252Fstream%2526force%253D1%2526sspath%253D%25252Fapp%25252Fplus%25252Fx&phid=5803820805055658754
  17. A modern colorized medal or bullion piece of king Tut. I'd like to buy one if I knew what it was.
  18. The ANS only has a bronze, but a Spink catalog from 1905 lists several similar in gold and silver and also mentions this type as uncataloged in bronze. The peace wasn't a big hit in Britain so maybe there weren't too many of these made.
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