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  1. You guys look at the dates on you bills?
  2. Where they privately struck originally? Did an heir decide to sell the dies now?
  3. An 1899 Indian Head Cent is the oldest I recall.
  4. Here's a newer one for me, I think it was issued in 1899 although sources have also mentioned 1892 and 1900. It is a hard one to find online or elsewhere
  5. http://www.startribune.com/opinion/commentaries/200957871.html
  6. He was the mintmaster but what did he use as a model for that long necked bust?
  7. A longed necked bust on that one. Does anyone know what the engraver used for a model?
  8. I think we're all right for now. Does one count each German State as a different country? Or is that a different set of issuing authorities?
  9. We got a few lots either with pictures and one that was 60 coins from 60 countries. They've cataloged 38 different countries so far including four versions of Germany. They also picked up 40 coins each for $5 at a local coin show. Once they get through these lots it'll be time to look into trading
  10. Hi Steven, My sons are starting to look at coins from all over the world as well. It's easy to get started as you can get bulk lots of unsorted world coins to identify. If you want to save time there's sets of coins offered from various countries as well. One way to make that set more challenging in the future could be to include countries that no longer exist which would be quite a list. I wonder if anyone's compiled that least even? Anyway have fun.
  11. With the odd metal or aloy coins I'd only count the one's made for circulation not any that were for collectors only. The topic is good, don't forget about the smallest. I think I have a good contestant for the smallest amount of gold in a coin.
  12. A decent Egyptian billon tet and a decent Byzantine half follis
  13. The video presentation is certaily top notch. One thing you have to decid is US only or other as well. It would make sense to just to US to start and then branch out reusing the same patterns. For me to use something new I'd need the following: Formatting of the pictures I upload (standard size obverse/reverse with an ability to zoom) Data kept in the cloud (web and mobile access) Easy to add data Pricing data available in the tool Availability of the standard numismatic information (size, composition, designer, description etc.) Checklist, Want List creation Inventory ability with security to hold purchase information
  14. Yeah those Tombac nickels appear to be legitimately scarce. In genuine nice BU condition you'll need $100. I think that's still a bargain compared to what you'll pay for some FS Silver Jeffersons.
  15. Silver actually increased so much in 1942 that the original plan of 50/50 silver/copper had to be adjusted to the final result. That's part of why it took until September to get the new nickels made.
  16. An interesting take though not all the numbers add up. For one the nickel in nickels was only 25% but the Canadian production ramped up quickly and was not necessarily known when the US entered the war. There were efforts underway to spend $20,000,000 to open a nickel mine in Cuba and production of small appliances including radios was halted in 1942 to save similarly small amounts of metal. I can't say I'm convinced that the removal of nickel in the US and Canada was solely a ploy to get the public aware of the War. I'm guessing the rationing did that pretty well.
  17. When reading about the nickel replacement in the coinages of WWII the mention is always made that nickel was needed for war time production. What is less clear is precisely what was made out of the nickel. My guess would be it was used to make high grade steel for battleships and tanks? Does anyone know the primary usage of nickel during the war time economy?
  18. If the coin metal is wrong then it's likely a reproduction
  19. It says Holy Roman Emperor Charles. Maybe Charles V?
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