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  1. fantastic coin, i can only dream.
  2. both beautiful coins, i like th serbian dinar vry much.
  3. Magnificent collection of coins, they have left me speechless, the william 1st is utterly beautiful coin, and they are a superb referance for newbys like myself
  4. bruce


    thankyou gents, it is the only one i own, the information is so helpful.
  5. bruce


    my one and only saxon coin
  6. that is the first time i have seen the shilling, a fine coin.
  7. thank you for your help regards bruce
  8. bruce

    george 11

    you will find that the coins that i posat are usually not anywhere near perfect as that is how i find them. silver does clean up, without ruining the coin, but where possible they just get a rinse and leave them as is.
  9. bruce

    george 11

    just as it came out the soil
  10. is this an edward 111 groat of the york mint about 1464
  11. bruce


    reverse side
  12. i just have no idea what this coin is, help appreciated
  13. bruce

    charles 11

    i cannot find any date on this coin , is that normal
  14. i think it may be an edward farthing any help please
  15. another as it has come from the soil, just a rinse is all it has had.
  16. the milled sixpence is such a lovely coin from that period, truly excellent
  17. thanks so much for your assistance, most appreciated by a newby
  18. short cross penny as it came out the soil
  19. bruce

    lizzie 6d

    this is another out of the soil
  20. thank you all, excuse my ignorance.
  21. help with the date on this one please
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