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  1. They're only 25c a piece, and the owner could care less (and does) about the foreign coins he throws in the bin. I actually discuss my findings with him (I'm a regular there) and he just happy that I found some good stuff; that, and that I'll be spending money. I actually found a British One Penny, either 1806 or 1799 in there, but I didn't get it because the only details are the outline of the head (Ed. II) and on the back about half the outline of the sitting woman.
  2. I love the foreign coin bin. There are so many good finds in there, and one can't bea the price! Here's what I got recently. Austrian "Ein Kreuzer", 1816, AG-FR (got it just because it's now my oldest coin in my collection British One Penny, 1901, VF British One Penny, 1916, VF-EF British "Straits Settlements" One Cent, 1891, G-VG Netherlands 2 1/2 Cent, 1959, AU (50% red, 50% brown/toned) Swedish 2 Ore, 1936, AU (50% red, 50% brown) Canadian 5 cent (2x), 1945, EF-AU Trinidad and Tobago 10 Cent, 1975, proof 60 at least Italian 20 Centisimi, 1894, VG German 10 Pfennig, 1876, F-
  3. I'm going with VF/EF. Crown all there, minimal wear on the higher parts of the leaves.
  4. I think there are too many marks( i.e. that nick on his coat) on the obverse to qualify for MS. I rated AU58, but would have voted AU55 if it were on the list.
  5. AU58, because of the light marks on the face and the scraps on the edge. God I love German coin w/ eagle
  6. I always end up with a reflection, or too much light, or too little, or glare, or blurriness. What's the best way to photograph a coin in order to post a pic on here? There are some coins I'd like to submit for the ugly coin and popular coin contests, but there's no way they'll get in with the way I take pics nows, which is mostly taking a bunch of pics, trial and error, and picking the best out of 3,190,471,075 pics of the same coin. Argh any help?
  7. I was just curious how much this is worth. As with all my foreign coins, I found this one in the 25cent foreign coin bin.
  8. I can't figure out what contry this thing is from. Usually I know almost right off the bat on every foreign coin I pick up. (Sorry for the mediocre quality pic. I'm trying to find the best setting on my camera with which to take pics of coins)
  9. in the past 3 months I've found about 6 1950's nickels, and a 1983 1cent that's all red, looks UNC.
  10. I'm a fan of the German eagle designs . Vote goes to "a fine mark". :-)
  11. I don't like how Anna I's face looks clumpy. unbeheaded Louis
  12. I love seeing that I've got y'all talking such much.
  13. I chose AU50 but I would say it's a low gradeAU50. More likely an EF45
  14. Not only do I have 58's with the bottom portion of the B filled, along with one that has the 9 filled in, I also have one which has both the B and 9 filled in.
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