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  1. thanks guys, i got the date wrong but thats OK, the coin is not with me at the moment. thanks again for the info!
  2. Does anyone know the difference in the circulation numbers or the value of the Potsdam Church 1933 2 and 5 Reichsmark coins with the date 21 march 1933 on them as opposed to having a blank area on the church side. I have searched www.worldcoingallery.com and ebay.com and neither have all four of them. is there any difference between having the date or not? Thanks!
  3. i have seen a few of these coins around from the early 20th Century but the one i have here from 1903 does not have the same detail on the head side. It says Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg but i thought that at this time all the coins were part of the deuthches reich and not local districts, is this an unusal coin or is Hamburg an unusual place?
  4. Thought as much, the curious thing is the the 7 in the 1876. The other numbers are stamped/etched into the coin (is this normal?) whilst the seven is raised up? is there any reason someone would perhaps take a coin of another date and try to make it 1876? or is this an error of the fake manufacture? the 7 really looks out of place and the rest of the coin does not look too bad.
  5. No can do at the moment, but it seriously wouldn't show much. The coin has a clear stamp mark, i can see the bulge of the molten metal by the edge, perhaps this allows it to be dated slightly more easily.
  6. It is roughly the size of an English 5p, bronze (originally) weathered to green in places. The only writing i can make out is on one side what appears to be SOLI and on the other ACAI - it is very poor and I don't expect anyone to guess from this bit of info. I was wondering if anyone had any links that they could direct me to. I was told, in Polish, that it is of a Saint (Augustine, if i remember correctly) and that it is 'old'. Thanks for any help!
  7. Thats the one! Thanks for the info, my granddad still has a few mint ones kept away somewhere but I am happy with my one.
  8. So, not such an arbitrary year. I guess it is just a mock medal produced at any time to commemorate that year. Still can;'t find any reference to such a coin though. Lots of 1867-1967 coins though.
  9. No denomination, hence all the confusion of my part. It is nickel i reckon. i would have taken it for a medal as well if it had not been dated with what appears to be an arbitrary number.
  10. i just picked up a coin, i believe, that on one side has The Maple Leaf (with the french trsnlation below it - Le Feuille D'erable) with the maple leaf motif and then on the other side a coat of arms (inscription: a mari usque ad mara) and Canada (top and bottom) with the date 1867 seperated by the coat of arms. any ideas? cas i can't find this, whatever it is, anywhere!
  11. how to tell if mine is a fake? sorry no pics. (i am pretty sure it is, but i want to know what to look for) firstly the date seems to be out as it is 1876 (the 7 appears to be raised above the other numbers as if it has been stuck on top of what was there before) the detail looks fine, the feathers and arrows are clear and even the liberty message on her shield can be read but it has suffered some wear and rubbing. any info would be helpful! thanks!
  12. Well, at least I know that this kind of hobby is alive and well. keep up all the random collecting!
  13. i love the randomness of it all. i also much prefer used circulated coins as nothing is greater than holding something that you know has been around and in so many hands before you. many of my coins are from my family's travels but some are purchases i made whilst travelling. i never thought i would find an 1924 CCCP 50 Kopeck in a market in Cape Coast, Ghana. nor did i imagine i would find a Bolivian silver 3 (sols? i think) in a Polish antique shop. there is a shop i know that sells coins frome every place and every time, but it doesnt interest me cos i dont know what i want until it fa
  14. they go for quite a bit over here ($30-50 in simple fine condition). there has been a resurgence in terms of old coin collecting by wealthy locals. i dont like eBay, way too varied in terms of pricing
  15. I love Polish coins and its not just cos I live there! They have a pretty special history and they seem to take pride in their coins with many commemoratives. I am always searching for any coins for the period when Poland didnt exist (1795 - 1918). I am also curious as to how much coins go for in America and elsewhere compared to how much they cost here.
  16. thanks guys! its nice to have found such a place finally
  17. does anyone else collect coins as a souvenir? i have only started buying coins in the last year (out of 15 collecting). I love the random way a coin would fall into my lap - travel, relatives or simply finding them on the ground. i understand it is big business in America but surely some people are less worried about sets and more about discovery. I hope i am not a dying breed...
  18. even within one country's eBay, the prices are so varied for coins. when you move to the foreign auction sites then i bet there is some money to make but still, i find it hard to buy something i can't hold in my hands first expecially when i have see a coin i have (which i got free in a multiple purchase) quoted as $1.50 and $100 on eBay.com. that does not fill me with confidence.
  19. Tha would make sense, I hate not having my collection with me but it weighs a tonne and is not so easy to move. Do you know any more about its circulation?
  20. Anyone know any more about such a coin? i received one off my granddad who got a few from a friend at a bank. I dont ave my collection with me at the moment, but they were issued for one of the outer Isles such as Guernsey or Isle of Man. i hear they didnt take off and were not issued for general circulation. They are a rounded square shape if i remember correctly. I am not sure about all i have said, hence the post, curious though how many others there are out there
  21. I have banknotes from Zimbabwe from roughly ten years apart. The first set have the normal denominations $10 and $20 then the more recent lot are identical (in terms of colouring and images used) and carry an extra zero. anyone reckon that inflation has any effect on the value of such notes? who knows when zimbabwe will be back to normal currency..
  22. I'm new here but I have been collecting coins for the past 15 years. I collect everything and anything and I am currently based in Poland where I enjoy rummaging through the selections at the antique shops in the old markets towns. I have coins from roughly 100 countries spanning 326 years. Last purchase - 1681 Salzburg St Rudbertus coin (denomination 3 'somethings'). This coin was, which i quite like, turned into a button at some stage in its life. Or at least it looks like it. Favourite coin - either 1793 Bristol Condor Token or an 1817 (i think) 1 groszy from occupied Poland. I
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