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  1. Features Face value: 2 pounds Alloy: Interior. Cupronickel Ring. Nickel-brass Diameter: 28.4 mm Weight: 12 g Quality: BU This coin is presented in a portfolio, we see below, which is currently only we can make a reservation. On 13 August, after finishing the games is when it will officially go on sale, priced at 9.99 pounds plus postage. Full details at http://www.numismatica-visual.es
  2. he Bank of Mexico reports that from Monday July 9 offered for sale the five thin metals coins commemorating the architectural complex of Chichen Itza. Full story. http://www.numismati...l-chichen-itza/
  3. Nº1 Y#227 1988 Temple of Dawn, Circulation Issue Nº2 Y#334 1992 King’s Agricola Award Nº3 Y#339 1996 FAO King’s International Rice Award Nº4 Y#328.1 1996 Golden Jubilee 50 Year Reign Nº5 Y#346 1998 100 Year of General Hospital Nº6 Y#347 1997 100 Year of King Rama V European Visit Nº7 Y#348 1998 13th ASIAN Games Nº8 Y#352 1998 Rama III the Great Title Nº9 Y#349 1999 125 Year of Customs Department Nº10 Y#350 1999 6 Cycle (72 Year) of King Birth Nº11 Y#371 2000 50 Year of Economic Development Board Nº12 Y#354 2000 100 Year Army Medical Department Nº13 Y#358 2000 80 Year of Ministry o
  4. Peru, 1 nuevo sol alluding to "Machu Picchu" 2011 More information.
  5. Fifth coin a new coin series sun "Wealth and Pride of Peru"with the theme alluding to the Monastery of Santa Catalina in the city of Arequipa.
  6. The two issued this year.
  7. Perú, “Riqueza y orgullo del Perú”, 1 nuevo sol “Chullpas de Sillustani” More information and video on my blog, below the firm.
  8. A lot of information around the world VISUAL COINS
  9. Van and three pieces of this collection, which I find particularly beautiful. For those who do believe global currency is a must do with them, plus now is the time and has started this year and are still readily available. In my blog you can see a nice video about this collection. NUMISMÁTICA VISUAL
  10. Hello from Spain. I invite everyone to visit my blog numismatist, created by me without any advertising or commercial interest. Hope you like it. NUMISMÁTICA VISUAL
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