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    Naple's Kingdom, Italian's Kingdom and all the worldwide particoular coins
  1. Hi, I'm not an ancient coins expert, but I think that if you post better photos you could help us to identify your coin Gaetano
  2. Ciao Capt, grazie del benvenuto Gaetano
  3. Thanks to everyone, I like a lot this site..In these days I'll start to be most active to share information and pictures.. Luke ma sei quello di lamoneta?? Io sono ermejoromanista, non so se mi hai mai letto.. Gaetano
  4. Hi! My name is Gaetano and I am an italian coins collector..I collect almost italian modern coins, but often I take also other states coins if I like them..I'm sorry but my english isn't very good I hope that in this forum I could expand my numismatic knowledge!
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