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  1. Quite similar to the NH state seal depicting the USS Raleigh under construction at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard ca.1775.
  2. 1. what's Peabody? 2. why isn't it listed? Cool pins, bill. I never noticed them in this thread before. That image would be the 1830s monument memorializing the Minutemen of Danvers (Peabody was part of Danvers) who were killed during the Battle of Menotomy. Originally located at the intersection of Main and Washington Streets, the monument was moved to the corner of Washington and Sewall Streets in 1961. http://cdn.patch.com/users/47919/2013/04/a3ce322d98af9099ce862b380934ce8b.mp4 Aonother unlisted pinback, this one from Peabody.
  3. Thanks YeOlde, you have some nice coinage on your website. Fun all around. G'day !!
  4. Nice Medals all. Really like Arminius GIIII and constanius collection of 17th & 18 C, amazing pieces. Got this one recently, the large silver 1911 GV, 51mm and close to 3 tr oz for near spot price. Thanks for sharing everyone. Reverse image in next reply.
  5. Thanks Art, Apologies for the delay, missed the notice.. I do a lot of metal detecting, found an unauthenticated CC coin and that's what sparked my interest in the series. Also have recovered many period counterfeit coins, from George II Brits to Mid 19th C US issues. I'd guess the combination of these is why I'm always on the lookout for nice repros. Not interested in the common 'Tourist' pieces, but the ones that are well made and considered collectable by some. I also have an 'Evans' restrike of the 1788 Mass Half Cent. from what I've gathered he was a coin dealer from Springfiel
  6. CONTINENTAL DOLLAR RESTRIKES an HK 852a Sold for $173 in 2008 Photos courtesy of Stack's Rare Coins, New York, NY Obv. Within circle, sun dial, sun rays to upper left; below, Mind Your / Business; within this circle and an outer one, Fugio to l and the sun; outside, around, Continental Currency; below, 1776; beaded border. Rev. We / are / One within small center circle; between this and second circle, American • Congress •; rays; outside, around, a chain of circles, on each the name of one of the 13 original states; beaded border. HK-852 Silver. 38mm. Only 50 struck, according to John W. Has
  7. More info: Breen assigned #972 for the half cent and #973 to the 1¢ restrike in his Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins, and supposedly made the comment: "these were struck sometime after WWII by Springfield, Massachusetts coin dealer Henry Evans in the late 1940's or early 1950's" and "examples are scarcely seen and seldom offered at auction". The restrike was supposedly listed in the Red Book through the 1960's and is highly collectable copy. Sometimes listed as "Evans" rather than the correct Evanson attribution. The single set of each of the dies (one cent and half ce
  8. Thanks for posting, i picked up a lovely red HalfCent for a song, not much info available on these, though i'm sure they will appreciate in value. Best wishes, Herbie.
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