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    an Ae21 struck between 325 -275 BC from Arpi, a greek settlement in the northern part of Apulia, Italy. Obverse: Zeus bust Reverse: boar running to right /spear head above and greek lettering below (translates to `ARPAIOI') Coin is in much better condition than this poor scan would have you believe. Reference for the coin can be found in Historia Numorum coin number 642 (illustrated in plate 12)
  2. Yep. That is indeed the literal translation. Perhaps the message underpinning it is that your fortune is best served by keeping your cool while everyone around is losing theirs (?)
  3. The `Heur/ Malheur' janiform heads of Good luck and Bad Luck is the common obverse for a series of french silver gaming tokens originally struck after 1832. Each jeton in the series carries its own little gem of wisdom or worthy observation in relation to the topic of `gambling'. The one below depicts a tempest with `tranquility' at the centre...along with the words `calme au milieu des orages' in the exergue.
  4. my latest addition. Struck somewhere between 1820 and 1830 for the Assurances Maritimes de Rouen, an apparently short-lived maritime assurer.
  5. possibly minted for use as an advertising token as well as a means of instilling confidence in the trustworthiness and ongoing `permanence of service' of the blanchisseuse concerned (?). That is `you can be assured that when you come back to pick up your clothing it will be here waiting for you'. (?)
  6. I can think of less hygienic ways they may very well have used to transport small coins, although I have yet to come across any learned reference in that respect.
  7. that may well be true....but someone somewhere was providing `assurance' in relation to buildings in the USA; assurance against the risk of accident; life assurance (in some form or another); and various forms of `risk' associated with transport /trade long before the 1900's. Those darn Europeans brought their concepts of syndication and risk amelioration with them when they came over to the new world.
  8. ...this one stuck in bronze (in 1899) for the `Societe Mutuelle de Prevoyance Pour La Retraite' to commemorate its 50th anniversary. This was a company providing savings /pension schemes for retirement purposes.
  9. this one was engraved by Oscar Roty and struck sometime in the 1880's for `L'Ancienne Mutuelle de Rouen' a french assurer inaugurated in 1817
  10. Good to hear from you Bill. Sorry to learn about your health difficulties but very glad to see that you are on the mend. Ian
  11. .....this one was struck in Bronze for `La Salamandre' on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.
  12. ....this one was struck for the `Compagnie General D'Assurances Remoises'
  13. ...this one was struck in bronze for 'La Prevoyance Commercial ' (pensions/retirement provision)
  14. (?) The 1850's is actually rather late in the day. There are a few example assurance jetons in this thread that were struck in the late 1600's /early 1700's
  15. This one was struck for a mutual society covering the risk of accidents
  16. .....some would have us believe that small coins were carried by mouth. Not the most hygienic method of keeping hold of coins.
  17. This one is from the life assurance company `Credit Viager'
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