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  1. Hi all, It was great to read this chain of posts. I too have a coin similar to the original post. Every now and again I try to find out a bit about it. My Dad collected coins and found this coin in a bag of coins he purchased in the 70's thinking there was something a bit different about it. The hinge and lid were hidden with grime but eventually it popped open. I think it is a picture of Queen Victoria in the 1870's but not sure. Any additional information on this would be welcomed. Troy
  2. My dad came across a Napoleon iii ten centimes coin that hinges open to reveal a picture of Queen Victoria, this was about 30 years ago. We thought we'd lost it but when sorting through his coins recently, I came across it again. I have done a search but there is very little I can find out about this coin, I am keen to find out more about it. Does anyone else have one?
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