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  1. I only need 4 coins to finish my circulated Jefferson nickel and Roosevelt dime sets. I need: 1938-D Jefferson *FOUND* 1939-D Jefferson *FOUND* 1950-D Jefferson *FOUND* 1951-D Roosevelt I'm looking for coins in VG/F to AU condition, uncleaned with no detracting marks/spots. I'm happy to buy or I have some wheat cents and/or 40s-50s Jeffersons to trade. Thanks **Update** I found the 3 Jeffersons and just need the 51-D Roosevelt to complete my set.
  2. I've got a 2006 Proof quarter set and 2006 Silver Proof quarter set that I need to add to my collection spreadsheet. Also see 2 rolls of 1930s Lincoln cents.
  3. Thanks for the help. I didn't think it was some major find but it never hurts to ask the experts. Thanks for the link Art. Many of the cents have Verdigris since they have been the the jar together for a long time. I'll take care of the crud and put it in a holder. First out of the ordinary coin I've found, plus it came from my dad.
  4. My dad gave me a jar full of wheat cents about 25-30 years ago. I took out what I needed to fill holes in my album and put the rest back in the jar and they have been their ever since. I finally decided to go through them and find out exactly what I had. Nothing too interesting, but this one caught my eye. It looks like the 3 in 1953 may have some kind of doubling. I'm very pessimistic about finding something interesting so I wanted to see what people here thought. Is it an optical illusion or is it a type of doubling? If it is, what type? Thanks for the help
  5. Tiffibunny has a clear "S", so I'm still looking for a nice looking basic proof SBA if anybody has one. Thanks
  6. I'm working on a 20th Century type set in a Capital Plastics holder. I'm looking for a 1979-1981 SBA dollar. I don't need a PR 68-70, just a coin with nice frost and mirrors and no spotting for a fair price. Eye appeal is the key to the coins I'm looking for in this set. Thanks
  7. All my coins have been raw so far. For some of the more costly coins I will buy slabbed coins and crack them out just to be sure they are authentic.
  8. I started a 20th century type set in a Capital Plastics (408B) holder. I will only include coins from 1901-2000 in the set. Tiffibunny's posts modivated me to also start a 19th-20th century type set in a Dansco 7070 album. In that set any coin from 1801-2000 will work for me.
  9. Thanks for all the help with this coin. I have had it a long time without knowing exactly what it was.
  10. I have a Kodak DX7630. It takes great coin pictures through the eyepiece of my microscope. It has a close-up setting but I can't get it to focus on a coin close up, not sure why. I have been looking at Digital Rebels for a few years now and my break down and finally buy one sometime after Christmas.
  11. Since it wasn't in the original Cheerio packaging with the cent I would be very skeptical that it was actually one of the Cheerio dollars. Also looks like the little homemade Certificate of Authenticity only says it is a first year dollar and not that it was a Cheerio dollar. He only has the word Cheerio in the title and nowhere in the description.
  12. Fropa

    1st Coin

    I'm not sure which coin I actually started my collection with, But this is the first coin I bought. I bought it when I was in High School from a kid that was in the coin club I joined back in the late 70's or early 80's. It was nice and shiny and the first indian cent I had seen. After doing some studying I realized the coin had been coated with some liquid to make it shine making it worth nothing. It taught me to learn about the coin before buying, so I have held on to it to make sure I don't forget.
  13. Thanks ccq. That information helped my find some information on the net about the token.
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