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  1. Just inserted this 1k into coin holder and noticed rotation.. It's about 50 degrees. Is this common?
  2. Yes, it was one week, look #1 post. Right answer is 187 euro. http://img122.imageshack.us/img122/5452/answeryo7.jpg Paid too much for grivnik, but I did not have this type yet! Looks like "Darryl" is the lucky winner with 184. PM me your address.
  3. Coins are from Estonia. 5k looks ok, but price was low.. I'd like to hear the story too. Here is 3 more polushka..
  4. Here is some coins I have in my colletion. I got these 2-5 years ago. All from same source, but different times. Very low price! What you think about these? (Atleast last one looks bad, it was part of 20 coin lot)
  5. Today morning I went to see small russian collection. Seller is collector, who had decired to sell his collection. I bought total of 23 pieces. (I have removed coins from casing so prize tags cannot be seen) Now, guess what I had to pay for these coins, total. (Image bellow) Give your guess in euros. Rules: Everyone has only one guess. If you want to change your mind, you can do it. I'll take the last one.. You have time until next wednesday. Closest guess will win this 50p 1893. http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/3710/prizedx3.jpg (Or some other roughly same prize coin from Finland) It's not much, but this is just for fun. Hints: - Location is Finland, ebay prizes may or may not tell much. - These 4 small coins, I have no idea if it was good or bad deal, just took them. - Sum has 3 digits. Good luck! Other side:
  6. Thanks for info. Btw, I have following 2k in my collection. (I only collect one coin / type). Left side there are 2 stars. I wonder do these belong to this coin or is this overstrike too? Date is 1788, here is other side: http://img501.imageshack.us/img501/148/2k1788bfi0.jpg
  7. Here is other side. Not so much details visible on this side / scan. "old" horse head can be seen and legs..
  8. Just got this coin. Looks like overstrike to 1762. Are these common? (This one cost me 9 euro)
  9. Yes, looking closely I could identify couple of numbers, then it was much easier.. Sorry! Just add this note to next contest prizes, no need to send it to me. I like coins only.
  10. Sorry, but there are no finnish proofs. That is best you can do.
  11. Sometimes coins look very different. Here is one example, I really can't choose which one to keep. Second coin looks "black", but it's like mirror. You can see your own face, if look into it.. Which one you think is better?
  12. "Winter Carnival Montreal". Not a coin, but didn't find other place to ask.. Mainly interrested how old? And if it has any value. Thanks!
  13. Aleksander II 1864-1880: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1864.html Aleksander III 1881-1894: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1881.html Nikolas II 1895-1917: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1894.html Interim Goverment 1917: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1917.html Repuplic 1918-1940: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1918.html 1940-1952: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1940.html 1952-1962: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1952.html 1963-1993: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1963.html 1990-2001: http://netikka.net/jmi/suomikolikot/1990.html
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