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  1. Hi everyone! So the Mint Museum finally got back to me, i think they've been rather busy. They were very helpful and were able to identify the coin. This is the email they sent me: "The visit referred to on the medal was made to the Royal Mint at its old site at Tower Hill in London by the Dragon school in Oxford on 9 November 1936. The Dragon school is one of the best known preparatory schools in the country and numbers amongst its former pupils a very wide range of successful men and women. It was founded in 1877 by a group of Oxford University dons as a way of educating their own childr
  2. I have not yet heard back from the museum, I hope they do have some info. I guess they might be pretty busy right now, what with the games and everything. I will definitely pass on anything I come across, though! Thanks again for the advice
  3. Thanks for the advice Constanius! I sent the Royal Mint museum a message. It seems plausible that it could be about the cup.
  4. Hello! I work at a small museum, and we were given a small number of coins. One these coins is the one in the photo. It seems quite similar to the coin in this thread, but the `Dragon`s Visit 1936` inscription seems unique. I can`t find any information on the web about what this might refer to, so any help is most welcome!
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