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  1. Thank You Siluska, your feedback is very much appreciated
  2. Thank you for your response. I have always been curious about the notes and the value. Thank you for the informative information
  3. Managed to Scan the notes today. It would appear that my Scanner has failed to scan the white part of the larger '1898' note ??? therefore I apologise now for the cropped image. I believe this to be :- World Paper Money Catalog number: P5b. ??? These smaller 1917 Notes are in 'New' Condition. Total 36
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, I have '2' 1898 Roubles both Uncirculated and as New. The serial Numbers end 361 & 362 I also have '36' Uncirculated 1917 '250' Roubles in Serial Number Order. The Notes are unmarked and crisp. Almost New albeit they are 100+ years old. Now I acquired these notes 12 years ago in a Basement in Afghanistan............Long Story................ These have been placed in an envelope and stored ever since. What are you opinions ? Should they remain in the envelope and be forgotten about or are they worth any £'s amongst collectors ??? I have looked on eBay and prices vary, the difficulty I have is that these notes are untouched and in serial number order therefore slightly more desirable. Any help or guidance will be appreciated. Jake
  5. Hi Guys & Girls, Just found this site, looks like a great place to share the knowledge ! I tend to collect all sorts, but as a Kid my main hobby was coins, so hopefully I'll learn a little more about the coins I have and perhaps share the experiences I have gained over the years. Thanks for having me Jake.
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