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  1. More info from (member)-(ccg) The Wellings Mint was a private "mint" (I believe in Ontario) that made a lot of made-for-collector "collectables", similar to what the Franklin Mint does in the U.S. On items like yours, there's often no real way to put a market value on it other than to try selling it and seeing what types of offers you receive.
  2. I have seen it listed at 40 dollars, but as high as 130 elsewhere. Varies I have gathered. (Can.)
  3. Must agree that the design really is outstanding. Thanx for the view
  4. (25th anniversy U.N. medal) - Adding it to this thread.....if I may............
  5. In searching for this commemorative medal......I only ever found it once.......so the more tags the merrier. The Canada's own flag with Prime Minister Pearson commemorative medal......I hope can now be found in a search by another whom has one.
  6. Indeed a commemorative medal.....will load some Canadian coins shortly. Must resize some Images
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