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  1. Thank you! Do you know whether the coin has any value? Will the angular base of the 8 affect the value at all?
  2. Hi, the reason I didn't include the obverse side at first is because it is very dirty - you can make out the lettering and part of the portrait through the grime but not much else.
  3. Thanks for your reply! Are you sure about the 7/8? The 8 seems very misplaced relative to the 7. It also looks like the corner of the lower part of the upper number is very straight, almost like a reversed 2.
  4. Hi! This is my first post so please be gentle :-) I have recently come into possession of what I've found to be an Elizabeth I sixpence. The coin seems to have a back-to-front 2 stamped over the '4' in 1564. Can anyone give any details on this coin?
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