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  1. That's why I was asking. Ok getting the better stuff. Thxs Pat
  2. Hi I started collected tokens. I m shopping around for clear double pockets coin flips with inserts. I like to shop Ebay. They go from $8 to $19 for 100 shipped. The most expensive ones are museum quality from supersafe. The tokens I buy are affordable $5-$15. Do I need the best coin flips or are the cheapest one ok? Thanks a lot Patrick
  3. Hi I correct mistakes I make on coin flips with bic white out. It does not do a good job, you are left with a little mound of white stuff that is very hard to write on. Is there something else I can use? Thxs Patrick
  4. Hi I can't seem to find how to check a seller feedback. I am logged in but clicking on the sellers name does nothing. I made one purchase on this site and had to leave feedback, so it has to be somewhere. Thanks Pat
  5. I found the free ebooks link but I don't see a link to download the books. Can anyone confirm they are to be read online only? I would prefer to have them on my hard drive though! Thxs Pat
  6. Hi Can anyone tell me how to access books in the free domain? I tried google books but got nowhere. Can they be downloaded once found or is it just for online reading? Thxs Pat
  7. Ian Thxs so much for the clarification. I have a lot of work to do. Pat
  8. Ian I appreciate the answer. I am going to study that web site you mentioned, it's quite interesting. Now the books you recommended, I am a little confused. Amazon has a kindle edition of the first one and there is a free preview. I don't see any pictures in it, is that normal? The second one I found on Ebay for $100. That's a little bit over my league. Are there PDF or scanned versions online of these books? Thxs again Pat
  9. Ian thanks so much for the answer. Like I said anything related to medals or tokens from Europe in the 19th century will interest me, war or civil. So they can throw anything at me in that field. I just acquired my first token, the coronation of prince Willem of the Nederlands in 1814. Pat
  10. Hi I am a coin collector and interested in collecting token and medals. I am a modest collector and I won't go over $50 a piece. I want to focus on a large selection which is 19th century Europe. I am looking for links, books to help me get started. I am fluent in French and English. Also anything that can help me identify real from fakes. Auctioneers on Ebay never mention if it's a replica or real. Thxs Patrick
  11. Hi I searched the web but find only solutions for US coins nothing for world coins. Let's take an Australian 50 cents coin KM# 364 this coin says on Krause 0.9990 silver and .5353 oz and let's say for this example sake that the silver rate is $21 today. Can anyone show me how to calculate this silver coin value? Thanks a lot Patrick
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