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  1. p.s ScottO I have just looked at your links - I have a couple of those 20p's with date only on head side - I can understand how intriguing this collecting is, you never know what you will see next.
  2. Thank you for replies. Just looked at Victoria heads. Farthing - old head 1862 Penny - bun head 1863 Penny - bun head Half penny - outlines clear (date not) - bun head
  3. I have attached a list of coins. I have a few more I am unable to identify (have enjoyed trying though) Would like to sell in future but got boggle eyed by options i.e dealers, collectors, auction etc.... suggestions please with pros and cons would be appreciated. Must say best history lesson I have ever had researching them. Queen Victoria 1837-1901 One penny 1900 One penny 1899 x 2 One penny 1896 x 2 One penny 1863 x 1 Half penny – not read date One penny 1862 Farthing 1895 King Edward VII 1901 – 1910 One penny 1902 x 3 Half penny 1908? X 1 Farthing 1902 x 1 Farthin
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