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  1. Hi. I wish to know what usual customers think about the2buds http://www.the2buds.com/ mylar sleeves for currency. Did anyone of you use them? Are they good? Thanks for your opinion.
  2. Glossy surface series 1921 porcelain ↑↑ Manufactured by Empresa Electro-Cerâmica, Candal - Vila Nova de Gaia 4 centavos Ø 20 mm 1,97g 10 centavos Ø 22 mm 2,78g Manufacturer´s green star brand series n/d (1921) porcelain glossy surface ↑↓ Manufactured by Empresa Electro-Cerâmica, Candal - Vila Nova de Gaia 4 centavos Ø 24 mm 3,46g
  3. Hi! As I spend my weekend classifying some portuguese tokens I've bought on the last times, I remembered to show some of them here, as they are almost unknown abroad. Hope you like them. After the Great War (1914-18), the monetary and economic crisis led to the profusion of countless private issues, most on paper, but also coin-like, as these porcelain tokens issued by the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia (a town located on the southern bank of the Douro River in front of Oporto) in 1921, which were produced by the Empresa Electro-Cerâmica, situated in Candal, Vila Nova de Gaia. Va
  4. Hi Steve. Thanks for you quick reply. By the way, as I don't understand nothing about russian coins, can you please let know what is the reference of the original one. Do you know or have any picture of the original one too. Thanks
  5. Hi! Can somebody help me about this coin. It looked like a 5 kopek, the same size and thickness, but have a very strange reverse. Thanks
  6. A recent acquisition. Gibraltar’s 1 quarto token issued by Robert Keeling & Sons, dated 1810. Gibraltar, along with other British possessions, had only official currency from the middle 19th Century on, so the oldest native issues were private. As in other similar cases, these pieces are listed in Krause, who refers it as a small date variety. Hope you like it. Cu, Ø 20,5 mm, 3,48g, KM# Tn3.2
  7. Hello Hi akdrv I´m sorry for any inconvient, but I´m sure for what I've said. In my country it is commom to said that "an image worth more than 1000 words", so here is an image of a true "crowned shield" countermark, and every body could judge for themselves: As about Mr. Gunther, he know my name and my location, so he is free to charge against me if I´m wrong.
  8. Hi. I think both, but also western sellers that buy hundreds or thousants of them to resale. The problem is that when you see them on sale by a chinese you know for sure it is false, but when you see it been sold by an american or european you trust that it is a good piece.
  9. Hi! I was making a study on Portuguese crowned shield c/m (Law of 01SEP1834) applied on Spanish real de a ocho. After a reserch in web sites I realize that chinese fakers are know producing the type. As everybody knows that report that to ebay is a waste of time, here is the notice, as I think the best way to fight agains that scam is to make it public. This one directly from their origin: Peoples Republic of China Seller: ldxhwzg Site: ebay Seller profile, location and link: ldxhwzg ( 41) 100% ? http://myworld.ebay.com/ldxhwzg/ Hunan, China Title, lot/item nº, ending date and
  10. Hi Did anybody could help me with this matter. The question is that: Krause stated that the 40 para KM# 766 i.e. was struck as AH1327/3, AH1327/4 and AH1327/5. As far as I was able to understand, 1327 is the date standing on the reverse exergue. By the other way, the last number after the bar refers to the regnal year. Where could I see it? Thanks
  11. Hi. Portugues 20 centavos of 1921, smaller module. Unlike ordinary coins (the one on the right) with Ø 23 mm, smaller coins with Ø 22,3 mm (coin on the left) are known to exit for 1921 and 1922. Exact mintage for smaller module unknown. Not listed on Krause. Listed under Gomes (Moedas portuguesas, etc.) AG 14.01 Picture Scan
  12. Hi. In fact is the first time I see a love token on a real de a ocho. Beatiful
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