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  1. "good solid EF 1903, seems to have faded the lustre into a yellow colour" you do have some very nice pennies on here! while some are mint, I do tend to shy away from coins who's lustre appears as 'yellowing', some unscrupulous dealers can treat there coins with sulphur to remove some patina from coins! For some information on UK pennies please visit: http://www.squidoo.com/british-pennies1
  2. If you are starting out your collection, I would give this some consideration as it may save you a fortune! Don't look on ebay for a 1956 farthing that may cost you £1.49 including P&P, why not try typing in job lot, or kilo, then in the side bar click on the coins & banknotes option, you can get 300 coins for £20, they won't all be different but you put the multiples back on ebay for 99p and use the money that raises to buy gap fillers for your collection.
  3. My personal favorites are silver proof pound coins, but I collect all British coins, and sometimes when I buy bulk lots I get commonwealth coins, while I don't actively collect them, I do keep them.
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