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  1. Just listed a few items, including a couple bust half duplicates, check them out if you like: http://www.ebay.com/sch/jtryka/m.html?item=260903652054&viewitem=&_trksid=p4340.l2562
  2. I bought 8 rolls of Garfield dollars at the bank today...
  3. I have that many to upload right now, but I can wait a couple weeks! LOL
  4. No, all the capsules were right in place, not a single loose item at all. And I would post pics, but I'd have to make room on the amount of pic space I have on CP, so maybe I'll have time to do that this weekend.
  5. I got my sets yesterday and they are absolutely beautiful! Great heavy lacquer case, nice coins, probably the nices set the mint has put out in my opinion!
  6. Now, I am not a dealer or modern expert, but I do collect silver eagles and have a complete raw set (excluding the 95-W), and if it was me, I would open them, pick out a nice set for yourself and sell the others as opened sets. I would guess that since the raw sets are going for about $750-800 on eBay, if you got $750 each, then you'd have $3,000 plus your set, and even if you didn't get that much, maybe you sell them for $700 since you won't pay eBay's 10% fee, you'd still get $2,800 or so, and have your set. If you sell the unopened box, you might get $3,500-$4,000, but then you'd need to spend another $750-800 for your own set to keep. In the end there is no difference in cost or result (you get about $3,000 + a set) but the latter means 2 transactions and more risk (what if the sets spike to $1,000 while your waiting for your $3,500 for your 5 set box?), so I would go with the one transaction. Just my opinion and worth exactly what you paid for it! Good luck!
  7. Sometimes I buy these over eBay like this one, and the photos are not the best, this one turned out to be an O-102, which shared the same reverse die as the O-101, and from the photos it looked like this might be the latter, but in hand it was unfortunately the former. I also buy some at local shows, like these two I got today, so I can see them live, but I didn't have my book with me, so the attributions have to wait till I get home!
  8. got this one today, and unfortunately I already had this die marriage!
  9. yeah, bust quarters are tough, but that seems excessive...
  10. there are too many to choose from!
  11. I like the 1809 as in my view it was sort of the last year of them working out the kinks in the design, after 09, things get somewhat more stable in the series. It also has the most die marriages of the 07-09 period (15 vs. 10 in '08 and 4 in '07) making it also more available and affordable. Lastly it has some interesting edge variations (so called XXX and ||| edges) which are fun to find. This one is an O-102, XXX edge which I attributed based on my Overton Book (third edition), but you can also look on line for help, coinzip.com has a great resource for attributing with lots of photos. The diagnostics for this one are the segments below the scroll on the reverse, which would make this either an O-102 or an O-110 (much rarer), but the obverse on the O-110 has a die break through star 4 ending in lumps, which this one does not have, therefore, it's an O-102!
  12. another new one of my favorite date, with nice blue and green halo toning and a die marriage I didn't have before!
  13. That is a LOT of dimes! Congrats on the finds!
  14. Nioe one Art, I think the Educational $5 has to be my favorite banknote design!
  15. I got an Olympic park quarter at the store a month or so ago, and a nice AU/unc. 1984-D quarter, and a 1958-D nickel in the last 2 weeks or so.
  16. Steve, I think I have maybe 40 die marriages, so I'm a ways off from the BHNC, but I'll get there someday. As for the 1807, that was the date of my first DBH, but later I got the CBH as well, just the common 50/20 variety. As for finishing this set, I am fortunately not working on deadline, so it will get as complete as it gets! LOL
  17. Hmm...about that date set, I guess it depends on where you start! For the capped busts, I am only missing 1815 now that I have the 1822. For the reeded edge halves I am missing 1836 and 1839. For the Draped bust, there I am missing a lot, still need 1796, 1797, 1801 and 1802, and for flowing hair I still need the 1794 and 1795. So I guess I am close?
  18. The mailman brought me this today, a date I've not had with some nice color too...
  19. I think I ordered 2 sets at a little before 3:00, so hopefully I got them!
  20. Sounds like a neat story, but I can't get any of the photos to load. By the way, don't use acetone on any aluminum coins, I think it eats them...
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