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  1. They have never been legal for anyone that wasn't a Federal Reserve Bank to own, starting with the fact that they are all gold certificated issued after it was illegal for all US citizens to own more than $100 in gold certificates! These sorts of things come up all the time in other countries but the story is always the same, they are always fakes.

  2. I have some extra proofs that I don't need after breaking up a set, PM or e-mail me if you're interested.


    2013-S Presidential Dollar Set - $16 (mint price is $18.95)

    2013-S ATB Proof Clad Quarter Set - $12 (Mint Price is $14.95)

    2013-S Clad Proof Kennedy Half Dollar - $6


    All prices include shipping to the USA, interesting trades considered!

  3. I filled my albums and have some extras available. All prices include shipping to the USA, please PM me or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks!


    Uncirculated coins:

    2012-P Presidential Dollars (4-coins): $8

    2012-D Presidential Dollars (4-coins): $8

    2012-P Native American Dollar: $3

    2012-D Native American Dollar: $3


    Proof Coins:

    2012-S Clad America the Beautiful Quarter Set: $14

    2012-S Presidential Dollar Proof Set: $16

    2012-S Clad Proof Kennedy Half: $8

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