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  1. Yes, of course. But after their lifetime ;-) Very very old dies polished till lost of details ;-) As your 20M1913 I think you have the best scans of your 20m1913. Please show me scans with all details.
  2. You knoew that is an impossible because I can't send any coins minted before 1957 from Russia.
  3. <edited> akdrv Question for all (it is not fact for discuss and it is very interesting for me): could anybody compare quantity of coins graded by NGC as proof and as prooflike?
  4. My friend, you said "bla-bla-bla" again! Please tell me numbers of items (or lots) from Irving Goodman catalogue for "a dozen Finnish coins". I think you have this catalogue and you already read it.
  5. Wow!!! Many differences from your gold proof coin. All lines of greed are present. May be light is not enough? ;-)
  6. Yes, of course, grid at top of shield is not so thin I think you always win in poker. You asked "What catalogs before 2000 did you look at that have at least a dozen Finnish coins in them?" Where is any words about outside Finland? If I will say about russian or german catalog, you will say that you asked about catalog printed outside Germany and Russia. May be you think that catalog printed in Italy better for english coins that catalog printed in England? And better way to get info about polish coins - read catalog printed at Fiji?
  7. Thanks, I already have example how you "translate" letter from Tuukka Talvio. I don't need another. I think you next message will be dk_spb wanted to say ....
  8. Please tell me where is grid from bottom part of shield?I think it is more easiest that grade proof or prooflike by pictures of coin. There are many auction catalogs with hundreds of finnish coins (like Holmasto, Ekman, SNY).I think that this auctions well known for specialist in finnish coins.
  9. Если я мешаю кому-то наябывать клиентов, втюхивая несуществующий пруф, то это не повод пиздеть не по делу. А если уж охота попиздеть, то назовите себя и ту "one person", которой по существу сказать нечего, а "пруфов" еще продал недостаточно для того чтобы заплатить психоаналитикам чтобы поумерили ему желание пиздеть.
  10. It is subjective. It is not only my opinion. "Like grading, the attribution, "proof," is at least partially subjective." © James Halperin, Co-founder of Heritage Rare Coin Galleries, and author of How to Grade U.S. Coins, The Truth Machine, and The First Immortal (http://www.coingrading.com/isitproof1.html) May be not 99.99%? May be 99.95% or 92.35% ? 1) you have not full 100% assurance that coins was graded as proof is a proofs 2) We have 99.99% assurance that proofs was not minted in Finland.
  11. Yes, usually we use the roman word (roman name) "moneta" when speak about "coin". But this is not translation. We have not russian word for "coin" and I don't know any trouble about this. Also we use non-rusian words proof, jeton, prooflike, nominal and many other (which mean the same meaning as in origin language). About meaning: Prooflike - first strike coins minted by standard business process which have a mirror surface. proof - made by special process: specially made planchets, specially made and specially polished dies, special strike (greater pressure and few times) - all n
  12. Sorry, I have not time today. I will write about all other questions tomorrow. prooflike=пруфлайк; proof=пруф I don't understand that you want. Sorry. Please give me example: translate to russian word "coin"
  13. Нет, не стандартный процесс - это отличный от стандартного. А стандартный - это как гражданин Непала - зачат непальцем и непалкой. Or then somebody got used dies from previous year, polished it by hand till lost details, strike few coins and said that is genuine coins. Like gold finnish proof from WCO. When I said that prooflike coins became proof after 2000 I mean that: 1) I don't know any silver or copper finnish coins graded as proof or described as proof in auction catalogs or in any collections before 2000. 2) Where are many coins graded or/and described as proof after 2000. Some
  14. Kazakov wrote in preface text in catalog that prices from "proof" column is a price for prooflike condition. I don't know why and I can not discuss why. But fact is no prices for proof coins (russian and finnish) in this catalog.
  15. WCO: I don't know why Kazakov use proof as reduced form from prooflike. You can try write your own catalog. This is not first our meeting in forums. I know that you prefer don't speak about fact, but speak about stupid russian numismatist. Your origin is Russia and you always try to throw the poops to country which you leave. "Сохранность полированная" is a old condition term (from time of Grand Duke Georgiy Mihailovitch). And many people use it many years before WCO became american dealer. Yes, I know that you prefer the grading system which allow to grade prooflike coins as proof.
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