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  1. cant see the first picture, please reupload it.
  2. i like mercs to. Unfortunatly i have 0 in my collection :S i always get outbid on ebay or they are to expensive.
  3. Yes Gem, you are to late unfortunatly
  4. yes, also from me a big thank you Veldpond.
  5. i cant't see why people would hate them. I think they are verry nice
  6. never even seen this one before and i am from Belgium the only "special €2 i have is this one: i am looking for someone who wants it, to trade or sell to.
  7. Today i have recieved 3 packages in the mail. All from members of another forum. One of the packages was a prize i won with the contest. A 1923 Peace Dollar graded by PCGS as MS63 The seccond package: Lincoln Memoral: -1969 -1976 Lincoln Shield: -2011 Indian Head: -1903 Westward journey: -2010 P -2011 P Roosevelt Clad Dime: -2000 P Quarter Dollar: -1998 P Quarter Dollar State: -2007 P Montana Kennedy Half Dollar: -1971 Kennedy Half Dollar Bicentennial: -1976 The third package: Lincoln Memorial: -1990 -1996 Lincoln Bicentennial: -2009 Lincoln Wheat: -1953 Jefferson Nickel: -1964 -1964 D -1974 -1988 -1995 P -2001 P Buffalo Nickel: -2005 D Roosevelt Clad Dime: -1973 -1977 -1987 P -1997 P -2011 P Quarter Dollar -1974 Quarter Dollar State: -2009 P District of Columbia Eisenhower Dollar: -1972 My collection grew from 48 to 78
  8. Yes, its 1862. At the moment i am collecting by type. Its just a shame that it is not very easy to get us coins here in Belgium. So far i had the luck some people helped me to start the collection, but from now it will all be ebay and trading i think.
  9. Thank you for the welcomes. And when i am allowed i surely will be willing to trade _)
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