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  1. I have found that the Thomas Mann society in Lubeck have awarded literature medals and even I did not find a photo or description of this medal, I think that is probably the origin of this medal. I sent them a Email and I hope I can find from the serial # who actually and when received this medal and find out how they parted with it.
  2. I have talked today to a coin "expert", kind of arrogant and he was telling me that the medal is basically only worth the price of scrap silver.
  3. Hi members, I have been collecting coins for a long time. I have two Thomas Mann coins. One of them is common, it is an East German 5 Mark 100 year commemorative coin. The other is a mystery: It is a silver coin about 4.5 cm in diameter. One side has the profile of Thomas Mann, his name and 1875-1975. The other side has a double headed eagle and the inscription: LUBECK HANSESTADT. On the rim of the coin there is CBN 1000 then a 4 digit #.
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