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  1. Hi Timofei how much do you charge as a handy man? Nice job.
  2. In my opinion it is easier to do fakes of 10 roubles 1989 or any other common year because they can do it in large quantities, it is easy to sell 10R and noone will notice if extra number of coins appear on the market. On the other side selling a rare coin would draw attention of pro numismats who will apply more due dilligince in acquiring the coin which might be more difficult to sell.
  3. Do you think that NGC overlooked a fake? If its slabbed in the box the chances of a fake a low in my opinion.
  4. Hi Guys, seen Peter's rouble, very good condition http://cgi.ebay.com/1724-Russian-Rouble-Pe...1QQcmdZViewItem would appreciate your opinion on how much this rouble might cost. Very interesting to see the final price.
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