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  1. I'd say it is, the top of the notes look the right colour too, one thing that's confusing me is the band around the top looks to be promotional but then on the back it looks like an authentic band? I've had a good look and it doesn't look like a sticker. I wish i knew more about it, its really bugging me now lol.
  2. Well thanks very much for your help, it has been bugging me though, why the band says has that logo on it and who did it in the first place, I guess i'll never know!
  3. Excellent, this says its 100 notes so I'm pretty sure that's what's in it, do you think they're better in or out of the acrylic, from a collectors perspective? did yours come out ok? I can't see any obvious seems or anything, so no idea how I would open it! I do have a UV torch somewhere, worth a go i guess!
  4. I uploaded some larger images on photo bucket, hope they help : http://s1148.photobucket.com/albums/o565/th_walking_dude/
  5. Hi all, Firstly I'd just like to say hi and apologize for my total naivety where this sort of thing is concerned. I'm writing this in an attempt to help a good friend of mine find something out about he's most recent charity shop find, he's come across a perspex/acrylic block which has four tiny "feet" on each corner which suggest to me at least that this may be a paper weight as the positioning of the feet does not display the notes but rather keep the weight low. Now the interesting bit, inside this clear plastic is what appears to be 100 dollar bills dated 1969 with a band around them which you can see in the photographs, not being familiar with the bands around notes or having ever seen anything like this before I was surprised to see on the band a picture of a man with the writing "Realtor's-Buzz Bateman" underneath, so I'm wondering if this is a promotional item or a gift within a company? I can make out faint marks on the sides of the notes which I can't see which show they have been printed on both sides so I'm pretty sure they are real, they look to be in mint condition. I guess the questions I have to ask and I thank you in advance for any and all help would be, does anyone have any idea what this is? or why it was made? are the bills likely to be real? does it have any value? and if so is that with the plastic or without? Neither of us have any idea what would happen to the notes if we had to open it (and we would prefer not to as it looks great) but we can't verify if the notes are real, or can we? ah what a dilemma! Anyway thanks so much for reading and for any insight that you may be able to provide. Sam
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