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  1. Yea, according to the USMint's website, 1.82M 2013-D Sac $1s were struck. Poking around as much as I can on their site, it and the 'P' (also 1.82M) appear to have the lowest production totals of any business strike varieties of USA small $1s (1979 and later). Most of the Sacs from 2012-later appear to be in the 2-3M each range. Mike
  2. A couple of days ago, I received a moderately circulated 2013-D Sac $1 (the one with the 'TREATY WITH THE DELAWARES 1778' design on the back) in payment from a customer at work. $1 coins are fairly common here in NE Wisconsin due to the numerous workplace breakroom vending machines, among other places, that use them. About ten years or so ago I observed that the USMint appeared to be disposing of unsold inventory of collector-issue business strike coins (ie, rolls, 'short' mint bags, etc) by placing the coins into circulation, this due to the large number of ultra-low mintage mid-00s $1s that I had been finding in circulation in the area at that time. Is this a reasonable assumption regarding this recent-dated Sac? BTW, I like the design on this coin. [rantmode] JUST PLEASE PLACE THE DATE/MINTMARK BACK ON A FLAT SIDE! OK? Thanx! [/rantmode] Mike
  3. The center core of the €1 is a sandwich-clad composition with outer layers of 75%Cu/25%Ni bonded to a core of 100% Ni. The center core of the €2 is also a sandwich-clad composition with outer layers of 75%Cu/20%Zn/5%Ni bonded to a core of 100%Ni. These are for electro-magnetic signature purposes in automatic sorters/counters and vending machines. Otherwise, USA coins are very unique in that regard. Mike
  4. Assuming that the USA Dollar doesn't hyper-inflate to nothing over the next few years, I would: -Drop the 1¢. I have considered it the be nothing more than monetary lint ever since the Zincolns were first turned loose in 1982. Their only purpose in life is the fine-account for state and local sales taxes. No 1¢ coin? Either set the sales tax rate cards to round the tax up or down to the nearest even 5¢ of go back to using sales tax tokens. -Replace the current 5¢ with a cupro-nickel 'clad' Half-Dime. The denomination should changed to read "5 CENTS". -10¢, 25¢ and 50¢ - No changes other than to replace the words "ONE DIME", "QUARTER DOLLAR" and "HALF DOLLAR" with "10 CENTS", "25 CENTS" and "50 CENTS", respectively (see below). -$1 - keep the same composition and dimensions, and a - Allow the current 'Presidential' series to run its course, then in the future issue a new one in the second calendar year following the passing of a president, just like how the Post Office issues a commemorative postage stamp in the first year following such passings; b - Continue the current 'Sac' commemorative series; c - Mate the SoL from the Presidential series (obverse) with the eagle from the original Sacs (reverse), with the mottoes and inscriptions moved around as necessary, as the design for future 'regular issue' $1 coins; d - For all of these, move all mottoes, inscriptions, dates and mintmarks to flat sides, with the edge to have stars only. The denomination should read "1 DOLLAR". Dates and mintmarks belong on the flat sides of coins, NOT on the edge; e - Drop the $1 banknote. -Replace the $2 and $5 banknotes with coins. Mottoes and stars can be used on the edges of these coins to make them more distinctive and counterfeit-resistant. Consider using 'ringed-bimetallic' compositions. -Use only images of Liberty, eagles and shields for the main design elements of all 'regular issue' coins. Also, ALL commemorative coins issued by the USMint MUST have business-strike versions released into regular circulation (for example, I would love to see Olympic commemoratives in circulation). Mike
  5. On my Macintosh, € = alt/option+shift+2 Mike
  6. It sounds like the USMint has hired an organization from Johnstown, PA (Concurrent Technologies Corporation http://www.ctc.com ) to study the USA's circulating coins, including dimensions, compositions, what denominations should exist, etc, and report back sometime in 2013. http://www.numismaster.com/ta/numis/Article.jsp?ad=article&ArticleId=23111 I like the line at the end regarding the Congressional directive that whatever changes are made are to have as minimal an impact as possible on the vending machine guys - "That might be hard to do". Mike
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