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  1. http://www.ukdfd.co.uk/ukdfddata/data/27/1262720112A.jpg http://www.ukdfd.co.uk/ukdfddata/data/27/1262720112B.jpg found this 2010 jan 2 while metal detecting this is my first gold coin. Mint: London Moneyer: Issue Date: 1356 - 1361 Edward III Quarter Noble Edward III quarter noble, fourth coinage Pre-Treaty period. The coin is a Series B/Series Gd mule with an obverse of North 1141 and a reverse of North 1190. It is similar to one in the Herbert Schneider Collection (SCBI 47, No.33), and has the same error legend on the reverse (EXALTABITVR III GAHLORI for EXALTABITVR IN GLORIA)
  2. hello im new to this site looks interesting as my hobby is metal detecting looking for coins and artefacts found a lot of old coins so that's why im on here .
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