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  1. While I am not an expert on US coins I do collect them. According to this boards header, we are encouraged to grade coins to help improve our lot and sharpen our skills. I agree this coin has merits, such as sharpness, eye appeal etc, what I dont like are the constant scratches all over the surface. Bag marks fine, I can live with that but as for grade I wouldnt put it past Very Fine due to its surface scratches. MS.(I think not)
  2. My goals for 2012. As I collect 4 of everything its time for me to go after some keys. For 2012 I need 4 1948 SILVER DOLLARS
  3. Both the reverse 1937 dot and the 1941 five cents shown here had the master dies produced in PARIS, this was because the Royal Mint in LONDON could not produce them in time for issuence. Total mintage = 1937 dot =4,593.263 Total mintage = 1937 dot matte = included in above. Total mintage = 1941 = 8,681.785 Other coins where the master dies were produced in PARIS were 1938, 1939, 1940 and 1942...
  4. In as far as I know this coin does not exist, that doesnt mean it cant exist its just that I have never heard of one being reported. The proper designation for your coin should be 1904H and its actual weight should read 4.71 grams not 4.64, looking at your pic doesnt show much wear to allow it to read 4.64g. The only other reference to medal coins are in the Canadian section of your catalogue and you are right, the 1904H, 1907, 1908, and 1909 50cent are all listed as either rotated dies or medal dies. The 1911 thru 1919C 50cent pieces are all medal only..
  5. And here is another one who doesnt read a members post fully before he comments.
  6. During my time with the Armed Forces, I lived in Germany for 6 years and even though at that time I did not collect coins, I did find them of great interest. I wish now I had kept the coins I was familiar with, such as the 2 Mark and the 5 Mark, but alas I did not. Part of my collection now consists of the coins of Germany to remind me of those heady days in the Deutsches Bundes Republic. I particuly like this one from Prussia dated 1913 to comemmorate 100 years of the defeat of Napoleon.(Mintage is 1 million)..
  7. I myself use a pelouze eletronic postal scale with a max capacity of 5lb/2.2kg. It also has digital accuracy down to 1oz/1gr primaraly used for small office where alot of mail is used. The model I use is SP5 and I purchased it here in Canada for $39.99. You should be able to google to find an outlet near you then go take a look at it and make a decision from there. I like mine it is flat and about 8inx4in ..
  8. Thought I would show and tell one of my favourite buffs, cant quite see the colours on this but they are Blue Purple and Gold. Would like to show closeups of this coin but, not sure how to go about this yet. Still feeling my way around the boards here..
  9. I dont collect tokens, period but every once in a while I come across some here are some pics, sorry they are not from California.
  10. There now, you see I did not know that, I have only been here a few days, and I have learnt something already. Thanks Art1.2..
  11. Here is my 1859, not a very good scan, the coin is better in hand.
  12. I have never in the last 10 years or so had any problems with E Bay, one reason could be that I never even look at coins that have in the heading "RARE" and especially if the seller has the "RARE" coins listed at an extremely low starting bid. Older Roubles are very hard to find here in the western hemisphere and so my recommendation would be to purchase from a dealer near you. If it is too good to be true, it more than likely is.
  13. While I have banknotes and medals these are mostly what came into my posession along the way. My main area of interests are in raw coins only, NCLT and slabs do not hold any interests for me. however I have these in my collection also and if need be I like to discuss them as well. PS Thank you for your interest and of course your welcom.
  14. Hi, just arrived here, I am a collector of Canada, USA,and general foreign before 1900. I hope to eventualy meet you all as time goes by, until then thank you in advance for allowing me to join you..
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