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  1. Paid $1900.00 last summer for a Canadian collection. It also consisted of some early USA and some early foreign stuff. Had about 200 Canadian large cents (all years ) some early 20 cent newfies and CDN silver nickels (no 1921s tho). Had some early US paper money and some King George CDN paper money. Still going thru it but some US stuff anf foreign will most likely end up here for trade.
  2. And another coincrazed collector joins our ranks. Welcome to the family of coin collecting junkys, may your stay here be a very pleasant one.
  3. Looks to me that the VCM is all about US coins, and that is probably fine if you are a US coin junky, but speaking for myself I am a Canadian coin collector first with a smattering of US coins as a secondary interest. My knowledge of US coins is kind of limited so I doubt if I will contribute much. Good luck tho..
  4. I notice this section of the forum has hardly been used in recent years. So I would like to get the ball rolling again by nominating "Candidate" for his brilliant article in "Soviet non-commorative Ruble Coins".
  5. There is nothing unusual that I can find in my library. Very nice coin by the way, book has it listed at $180.00, do you mind me asking what you got it for???
  6. Wow, thanks guys, I found this conversation very interesting and informative (now I know why I joined this forum). I had no idea the coins of Russia could be so interesting to collect. Mind you, I have yet to hold a russian coin in my hand I have never seen one accept in pics. Thanks again everyone, I really enjoyed that.
  7. At this stage I can only reccomend that the coin in question be readmitted to a different TPG along with a note of concern about the alignment and see what transpires from there..
  8. Welcome to the forum Gary55379. I myself do not collect chop notes, but what you say makes a lot of sense. Have you read the boards concerning uploading images on threads they maybe useful to you, I am looking forward to seeing your chop notes. Good luck.
  9. LOL, thats funny because thats exactly the same reason why I collect UK coins (especialy the coins of Jersey). Maybe we could trade , but Im not too sure if I am aloud to do that on this forum yet..
  10. For a toned coin I think $42 is a fair price, it seems the more vivid the colours the more they are worth, its a pity yours didnt have a CC mint mark on it. Eye appeal goes along way in this hobby
  11. First of all welcome to the forum. According to my books the 1859 Nap 3 10 frank is a gold coin, so according to its condition that will determin its value. The thing that has me stumped is that there is absolutely no reference to that coin being issued with the A mintmark, are you able to give us a pic??.
  12. Welcome to the forum, any questions you may have on the coins of Canada please dont hesitate to ask. There are others more knowledgable here in other areas of coins etc who are also i am sure willing to give you a helping hand.
  13. This is a semi-regal Canadian Colonial Token and should be dated between 1823-1843. It is also known as The Thistle Tokens. The dude is King George iv and therefore is not eligible to be on this board. It is my honest opinion that there are no Ugly Canadian coins, but then I am kinda biased.
  14. I myself really do prefer to collect Raw coins, in fact I dont have a single slabbed coin in my whole collection. You never know, one day I may decide to have my entire collection slabbed, but I really, really doubt it.
  15. Now is it just me, it seems there is nothing of great interest on the Bay, it seems to be the same old same old. Up until the begining of Dec I was averaging about 20 coin purchases a week, now I am lucky if I can purchase one every now and then. Its not like I need just the keys, even the commons are in bad shape. Its starting to drive me to distraction.
  16. The "feathers" as you call them look like fleur de lis although it is hard to see from your pic, it would be nice to see the back of the coin, also are you able to determine if there is a date on the coin. The pic you have posted is very blurred a better more sharper detailed pic would be of greater help in identifying what you have..
  17. As most of you who collect newfoundland already know about the 1940 RE one cent, but did you know about the 1941 RE one cent. They are out there but I have yet to see one, does anyone here have one???.
  18. Hmmm, lets look at this again, according to Charlton the Newfie 1904H 20 cent was only issued in coinage alignment, that is the obverse was diametricly opposed to the reverse,to reiterate I have never heard of one being issued in medal alignment (Again according to Charlton, that is "Upright obverse design,upright reverse design, the upright and reverse designs are set in the matching direction") Is it possible that the coin shown by ICCS is in fact upside down.You have to lift the flap and twist the coin to get the right alignment.. But that doesnt answer your original question about your friends coin, if you can get the coin in hand with the obverse facing you place your first finger on the top edge and your thumb on the bottom edge then rotate the coin 360 degrees if both sides are the same, you may have something..
  19. Let me know when you get to 1035
  20. Oh sure, that was my new years resolution for last year.
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