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  1. I dont have one of these either but can you emagine maybe this coin was in a Russian soldiers pocket during the Crimean war of 1853-1856, what a story this coin could tell. ____________________________________________________________ It is wonderful to be here In the great state of Chicago Dan Quayle.
  2. While proof sets are a nice addition to any countries coins, I feel (and others may/will disagree) the classics balance out nicely any collection. A coin that springs to mind is the 1951 british penny, it can still be had for a reasonable price but not for long methinks because of its low mintage. Just to give you an idea. ___________________________________________________ Man who eats prunes Gets good run for his money.
  3. I have yet to attribute a grade to this 1920 narrow date half dollar. Anybody want to hazard a guess. Anybody (Dont be shy)
  4. Here is the pic of a fake Hong Kong dollar of 1866. Purely for your own information.
  5. I agree, but think longterm rather than shorterm, if the RCM is recalling 50cents and dollars and melting them (Which they are) wouldnt they end up like the silver and be sought after down the road, I mean think outside the box, all of a sudden you have all steel coins in circulation and very few silver and likewise now very few nickel coins to collect. As for me I am currently hoarding nickel coins for that very reason, my bank calls me whenever they get some in and I must say the calls are getting fewer and fewer.. ______________________________________________ When I was a boy The dead sea was only sick. George Burns
  6. I am going to hazard a guess at about $60.00 but I am not inclined to agree with his grading estimates. I am somewhat gun shy of Hong Kong coins though due to a purchase of an 1866 silver dollar. turned out to be fake, I will post a pic later. __________________________________________________________ I dont feel old I dont feel anthing till noon thats when its time for my nap Bob Hope
  7. So, the RCM is going to make the new Loonie and Toonie for this year out of steel blanks. I guess the older coins will now be worth hanging on to. Thoughts anyone. ______________________________________________ It is wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago. Dan Quayle
  8. Still some red along with shades of brown, Liberty is sharp and clean, I agree its a MS-65 RB.
  9. So, yup Ahuh wonder what happened to V anyway. ________________________________________________ A fool and his money Are soon elected Will Rogers
  10. Welcome to the land of Noggin the Nog. Where coin-cidence reigns supreme
  11. WOW, 44 years, that is very impressive, CONGRATS. I would love to attend, but I am just too far away, have a great weekend tho.
  12. It sounds to me that the best thing to do is just keep your mouth shut about owning such a specimen and if you must sell it do it privately,
  13. I think I would cringe if I kept my coins like that, I know I wouldnt be able to sleep at night, But to each his own as they say. As for myself I keep my inventory in 2x2 squares and pages, all 15 volumes of them.. ____________________________________________________________ How beautiful it is to do nothing And then rest afterward Spanish Proverb
  14. Nice, any chance of a sneak peak, I am always looking to see what is out there.
  15. bobh, I can understand everything on your list of 5, but I am stumped as to what a Gray sheet is.
  16. I currently use Kraus (A guide to US,Canadian and Mexican Coins )19th edition. While I mostly use Charlton for my Canadian coins, I do use this cat for my USA material. I have heard most collectors of US coins use the red book, how much better is it and should I think about getting one?. ___________________________________________________________________________ How beautiful it is to do nothing And then rest afterward. Spanish Proverb
  17. Blackhawk, Recieved notification of your PM, but no message was attached.
  18. I have noticed that the small avatars anouncing PM and friend are not appearing under my main Avatar when I post,is there a reason for that, I mean, have I neglected to do something, everyone else seems to have theres.
  19. O, OK now I get it, the VCMs are under different coin boards rather than all under the VCM banner. If you are looking for someone to help out with Canada and Jersey coins you can put my name down.
  20. The states of Jersey are located between the south coast of the United Kingdom and northern France. While not part of the United Kingdom the United Kingdom is constitionally responsible for the Island. In 1640 King Charles the second (for services rendered) gave the Bailiff of Jersey "George Carteret" a piece of land between the Hudson and Deleware Rivers in the Americas which was named New Jersey. As a Jerseyman now living in Canada I find myself collecting the coins of Jersey and those of my adopted Country. In future rantings I will endeavor to explain the coins of Jersey from 1813 to the present time.
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