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  1. I agree, some of these notes are simply amazeing, the artwork is awsome. Thanks every one for sharing keep them comeing. I enjoy this section of the forum.
  2. Welcome to the land of Noggin the Nog Where coin-cidence reigns supreme. (Hey Art, you wanted fun, what can I say)
  3. I have started to become fascinated with Condor tokens and was wondering if anybody here has any info regarding them. I would like to get a hold of a catalog either in paper form or online. Is there such a thing as a price guide???? after all as every coin collector knows " Start with the book ". _________________________________________________________ There are three sides to an argument Your side, my side, and the right side...
  4. neweden

    Austrian Thalers

    Very impressive collection, I like the way they are layed out makes them look very regal indeed
  5. Have you tried clicking on your name, it should take you to your profile, then at the right of the page in black it says edit profile.
  6. Welcome to the forum, I like the way you used the coin as your avatar, its a nice coin I wonder if it might be roman rather than Peloponnese!!!!!
  7. Welcome to the forum, while I dont generally collect SA, I do have some..
  8. I am curious, What makes you think these coins have a relation to Canada?????
  9. Welcome to the forum Thomas Mann, 6th June 1875-12th August 1955. German Novelist. 1929 Nobel prize winner. In as far as I know the coin is a medal to commerate the achievments of Thomas mann, issued in the city of Lubeck in 1975....
  10. I am surprised there is not much interest in Canadian large cents on this forum.
  11. I as a rule I do not collect proof sets, or any other kind of sets for that matter as I am strictly into raw coins but I figured it would only be a matter of time before RCM started replaceing silver with nickel, and I truly think we havent seen anything yet.
  12. Can someone explain to me what the coinstar reject bin is????????
  13. So anybody seen the new coins yet, I hear they were set for release last week, is this true. ______________________________________________ Do you think that when they asked George Washington for ID He whipped out a quarter.. Stephen Wright
  14. I could trade the whole bag but would have to charge shipping due to weight, bulk etc. Better to trade a few here and a few there. I would like to fill some holes in my US Roosies, even the common dates, Im thinking 2 large cents for 1 Roosie but that is open for debate. The roosies should be readable as in date and legend. Here are the dates I need. 1946-1964.. Or if you prefer I would trade for Buffs that is 2 buffs for 1 CDN large cent, again the coins must be readable........
  15. The island is 45 square miles, more often than not as a lad I would walk around it for something to do, it would take me about a day .. The island is steeped in history of which I will touch on as I get more and more into the coins..
  16. Jersey is surrounded by water, not surprising really as it is an Island, I come from the south coast known as Saint Clement, one of the 12 states or parishes that make up the Island. The others being, Trinity Saint Mary Grouville Saint Brelade Saint Saviour Saint Helier (Capital) Saint Martin Saint Peter Saint Ouen Saint Lawrence Saint John Prior to the 19th century a mixture of English and French coins were used like this one. Stay tuned for part 3 coming to a puter near u..
  17. If the bills are common ones I would leave them as is purely for the fact that over time those that are in circulation will wear out, eventualy somwhere down the road those that are unc in the perspex block will I dont doubt be sought after. It was a tough job removing the bills, I had to resort to a hammer and there is a chance of damage no matter how careful you are.. _____________________________________________ A nickel aint worth a dime anymore. Yogi Berra
  18. I have a bag full of Canadian large cents I would like to trade for WHY. They are various dates with lots of duplicates and in very decent condition. PM me if interested....
  19. I have come across this before only it was Canadian $20.00s, and yes they were real, and yes its a promotional idea. In my block there was only one bill in pristine condition but the perspex was magnified in some way to give the illusion that there were more notes than they seemed. I dont know if this will work on a US bill but here in Canada you can run a black light over the block to determine if genuine. I have seen numerous silver dollars with the same idea, I smashed one open and found it be the real macoy, I am pretty sure yours is too.....
  20. Welcome to the forum You dont have to be mad to be here, but it helps
  21. Its like a foreign country down there too, I tried to spend some $2.00 US bills recently and I was looked at like I was from mars. You can still spend $1, $2 and $5 dollar bills up here, I have no problem as I have literaly hundreds of them, Canadian currency has not been recalled and are still considered legal tender here, I new a guy once who cut up the dollar sheet of 40 and spent them.....
  22. I dont know anything about these, but wow they must look great in a collection, I bet they make a great conversation piece.. __________________________________________________ A nickel aint worth a dime anymore Yogi Berra
  23. Sweet, you now have the real coin, so when do you get the real car. _____________________________________________ Energizer bunny arrested Charged with battery..
  24. Nice and very interesting, I guess that means that at the rate they are destroying those banknotes mine may actualy be worth something someday. ________________________________________________________________ Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Douglas Adams
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