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  1. Brett-- Thanks for the quick note-- Do you have any experiance with this? How do you Break out of holders correctly? The reason I see is if you want to sell them and maybe get the big $$$
  2. Hey Guys-- anyone have any experiance with taking proof coins out of the US mint set holders and submitting them. What are the chances of getting a PR70 or PR69? Is this a good Idea to break a sealed set up? BY THE WAY-- How do you recognise potential PR70 or 69? And what about MS 67-70? On a different note-- I have a 96 Silver Eagle proof -- But I can see one little tiny scratch in it-- Is this coin doomed to mediocrity? and Best left ungraded?
  3. Hi -- I was wondering if I took my proof coins (Eagles) and other proofs which are in Pristine Condition; How hard is it to get the PR70 Deep Cameo certifacation from NGC or other good company. I'm just wondering if most US mint Proofs are created equal?
  4. Would like to find price and mintage figures on 19th century crowns from El Salvador and Colombia and other latin countries-- THANKS in advance
  5. Hello-- I collect Cuban coins (pre-revolution) and this article below is a great history Cuban Coinage as an Alternative http://www.cubannumismaticassociation.com By Frank Putrow Clearwater, Fl. I am one of a very small group who collect Cuban coins. I realize that our choice is not very popular at this time, but I believe that Cuban coinage will become one of the most sought after categories in the coming years. Cuba, embroiled in civil unrest for over 150 years, has been minting their coins for only 27 years, since the Cuban Mint was established in 1977. Prior to t
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