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  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes forget that back in those days the other parts of the world were humming along with their own political, religious, and social issues. I like the coins and the history is very interesting.
  2. Art1.2


    That’s a beautfy. Enjoy it.
  3. Art1.2


    I will bid $10.00 US....Now no righteous coin group would allow me to win such a fine coin at that bargain price. Bidders! Bidders!
  4. Nice medal. I have a nice collection of the ANA medals and many had names still attached when I acquired them. No one famous. I removed the name tags before photographing them for the sake of privacy. The medals are beautifully done. I always enjoyed them. In fact, I am wondering now what I should do with them. I’d hate to see them destroyed or trashed. Some, I’m sure would be melted for the metal content. Now you have me thinking about this.
  5. Art1.2


    Pretty coin.. I hope this auction goes well for you. Still need to mail payment for last auction win. Sorry - procrastination has won again.
  6. I have a number of sample slabs from different companies in my collection. I like them.
  7. Try sending a PM to AKDRV to let him know about it.
  8. ‘Calm amid the storms’ ? Very nice piece.
  9. Nice tokens. You have a diverse but interesting collection.
  10. I used to think that I’d have lots of time for things like rolls. How wrong I was.
  11. I’m guessing that hygiene was different in those days. 😱
  12. Art1.2


    Very nice dollar. I wish you the best with this fine auction. $5.75
  13. I hadn’t even thought about roll searching in years. Wonder if anyone is still at it?
  14. I hope that everything goes well for you and that you get to enjoy this wonderful hobby for a bit.
  15. Very nice coin. As you know, Indian Head Cents are my very favorite coins and those that have been used make an exciting collection and look back in time. Enjoy!
  16. Art1.2


    10$ — nice auction Colin.
  17. Terrific finds Colin. These days I rarely spend cash. 1. I don’t do much that is not part of my regular ministry routine. 2) when I shop, I often have ordered ahead and paid by card, 3) my grocery shopping is usually paid for via debit card or credit card (I get a bonus for each purchase). I usually buy coffee in the mornings and pay for that with cash. Even when I shop at the local hospice thrift store, I pay with a card as I get an extra 3% rebate on my purchase. Maybe I need to use more cash too. I do think that my experience is fairly common these days.
  18. These are very nice coins. I hope you enjoy it.
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