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    Uping my bid to 22.50
  2. Very nice. No idea on price —-
  3. Can’t wait to see them. Thanks.
  4. Sounds like a great idea. I haven’t gotten anything in years and am kept quite busy each day between Congregation Duties and mu Grandson who I love to see on every possible occasion.
  5. You might want to send it to one of your friends at a company you trust and deal with for a quick look. If it is counterfeit it probably is known as such as no counterfeiters produced low quantities. Profit was in the sale of lots of them.
  6. We used to have a collector here who specialized in sovereigns. Unfortunately he passed away about 7 years ago.
  7. I had always wanted to get one of these for my wife’s charm bracelet. Never did.
  8. Hello and welcome. I reviewed your posts and think you will be a most welcome addition to the site. Nice posts and coins. Art
  9. Pretty note. I don’t have one to compare the color. Sorry.
  10. But you must admit cows are much nicer than what you may have thought.
  11. Cow is a very good word and is often considered family appropriate.
  12. Many of the coin supply companies have a variety of pages to choose from. Of course, acid free is the most important thing, to me anyway. I cannot recall the name of the pages I used to use. They were actually designed to store photographic slides. More expensive but only slightly so. Found a good source on ebay. This is like years ago and I don’t recall names any longer. Sorry.
  13. Sounds like fun. I hope you all enjoy!
  14. The expense in making dies is one of the factors that cause minimum order quantities. You may just want to try a local jeweler who has a good rep for engraving. I have seen and held several dollar sized silver coins that were stripped clean of design on one side and re-engraved. I’m sure the same could be done with gold.
  15. Great collection of elongates. I really like these.
  16. Art1.2


    Nice coin Colin. Enjoy it!
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