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  1. Thanks! Mine looks pretty beat up. I think it's worth.....well.....$1 (Can) under those circumstances. I'll convert it to a cup of coffee next time I'm in Canada.
  2. When we cleaned out my Mom's stuff when she went into assisted living, she had a few pieces of foreign currency including this Canadian paper dollar which I assumed was worth, well, $1 (Can). I noticed there was a 'devil's face' version of this $1 bill and thought this might be that variation, and that it's still worth $1 (Can). So I might as well spend it, next time I'm in Canada, eh? Any opinions?
  3. See attached jpegs. 1982 World Wide Coins of California and Gothic Coins of Akron, Ohio 2003 Markov Numismatic literature auction.
  4. I have a catalog for the 2014 sale that anyone can have for free. Media mail postage is $3.43
  5. If anybody wants my catalogs, they're yours for the price of postage. Send me an e-mail.
  6. Thanks for giving these a new home. Shall I contact you through Omnicoin?
  7. I'm a radiologist, and I think it would be fascinating to take X-ray pictures of the fake coin and a genuine coin side-by-side. It would necessitate taking multiple exposures without moving the coins to 'penetrate' the thickness of the coins with the X-rays designed for humans but I think it would be possible. It would also show if it got hollowed out and re-filled with another metal.
  8. I can't bring myself to toss these in the trash. They're such works of art. If somebody wants these, you can just have them. Just reimburse my media-mail postage which will be around $5 depending on where you live. It's the Russian catalog, the ancient catalog, and the Greek catalog.
  9. Please send me your mailing address to my e m ai1 at : fellow1720 at yah00 d0t c0 m and I'll mail it out. Thanks for giving it a new home.
  10. It had the dull verdegris as one would expect from a 1,000+ year old coin and was sufficiently crudely struck. I think if you were going to fake it, you'd strike it better. As another reader noted, for $14 it's probably not worth going to the trouble of counterfeiting it. In comparison to the photos in Mitchener and others from the 'net it looked close enough to the similar coins of the locale/era that I'm pretty sure it's the real deal. To answer your question: I've never seen a coin like this in my life. I have zero (0) experience with Sassanian/Indian coins. As I indica
  11. Thanks for the info! Actually I did purchase the coin and it arrived safe and sound and looks A-OK.
  12. The high points where the patina has worn off are too shiny. Patina should be darkest in the lowest portions of the field, and a more dull brown on an AE coin at the high contact points from cabinet wear. This looks shiny on the high parts. When you artificially tone brass this is one way it can come out. I've had extensive experience 'antiquing' brass in the course of restoring antique telegraph equipment missing brass knurled screws and such. It never looks original like the rest of the instrument. This coins looks just like the fake antiquing I do at home.
  13. Thanks for the help! Yes, it's a medieval Indian coin. What a fantastic forum!
  14. I have a coin that's referenced in "Mitchener", and would like the full name of the catalog, publisher etc. all that please. Thanks.
  15. I'm actually a Russian coin collector, and have a colleague from India who just had a kid and I wanted to give him a gift in celebration of that fact. I've always been a little hesitant to buy anything numismatic on ebay but thought this might be inexpensive enough to not be a forgery: http://cgi.ebay.com/AR-drachm-Saurashtra-a...=item3efc7d5a54 Opinions please?
  16. Mule?? I think it's so odd "Zebra" might be more appropriate! What a great little story!
  17. Here's a link to the silver plated coins. Obvious fake even to this relatively untrained eye. The same seller has many such coins up for sale presently. http://cgi.ebay.com/RUSSIAN-1-ROUBLE-RUBLE...=item20af2c0a96
  18. At least the seller says they're copies. I'm afraid some of them will reappear as originals.
  19. The recent Jan 7, 2010 sale (XXIV) -and- Jan 10, 2008 (XVIII) Just reimburse me the postage. I tossed about 6 of them a couple years ago and thought at the time somebody might want them. I'm space limited.
  20. Thanks! My coworker is Japanese-American and these were found in her Mom's belongings.
  21. Any idea what the value is for something like this. I noticed it had pretty low mintage. By the way, my coworker is a Japanese American whose parents were in the internment camps during WW-II and her mom's coins and jewelry were sewn into hems of clothing and such.
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