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  1. Hi folks, I am relatively new here and appreciate all the info in the posts and the wonderful pics. My wife is a novice bank note and coin collector, she wants notes and coins with pics of animals on them, the larger the better. Is there any chance of trading items with anyone who might be outside the USA? I would be willing to exchange coins, notes of equal or similar value. Not looking for rare or pricey issues, current circulation is fine but want to find crisp uncirculated notes as much as possible. Is this against any of the rules for this site??? thanxz, basicbob
  2. WOW! I love that note, where can I get one?
  3. Good for you! I know you are happy with your new "baby"
  4. I didn't know there was a place here that had coins for sale....looked all over the site and don't seem to find anything like what is mentioned above...educate me, please! (PS at a local antique show last weekend I found a beautiful 1978 Morgan that I think is BU at a minimum for $17.00 but most of the Peace Dollars were $30...so it just depends on where you are and who is showing I guess.) bk
  5. for some reason I can't add another photo, even on a seperate thread, guess there must be a daily limit to the amount of space available, don't know how some folks can add multiple photos that are larger than the one I posted..will try to get obverse on tomorrow. thankx for your patience. bob
  6. here is the obverse (reverse..don't know which side is which)
  7. Hi folks, once again I call on the vast expertise of this forum to help ID and value an unknown coin in my collection. I picked this up in Korea in around 1964 or 1965, I think I paid about a buck for it. It may be Korean or Japanese or ?? (Genghis Khan?? LOL). it appears to be solid silver, each of the edges/ends have a dimple indention on them, three on each side and two on each end, not sure if this is where the coin was fitted in a clamp to stamp or what. It is somewhat irreguler in shape as you can see and I think that may discount the clamp theory as the indentions are fairly e
  8. More specifically, a bank wrapped roll. I have heard that the coins go into a giant hopper with all denominations lumped together and the machine sorts and rolls come out the as the end product. The number of coins I heard was about 70,000 all together...that sounds far out. Does the mint send bags to Fed Res Banks and they do some rolls or do they then go to private companies (String?) and they do the rolls, and how many coins are in the mix? Just curious about the quality of coins in a Mint Wrapped roll versus a bank wrapped roll, the prices are significantly different. thanxz for all
  9. that's correct, often referred to as the "one-0-first" or more affectionately by members of this division as the "one-0-worst" basicbob
  10. thanks, I must have gotten them somewhere in Vietnam when I was there in 67-68, my memory just said they were from Korea because I didn't spend any time in civilized areas in Vietnam, mostly just in the bush with the 101st. found some on ebay that closely match, apparently not worth much, but now I know! (I tried to post another photo but the system wouldn't allow me too, said I had used up all space, tried to post the photo as a reply but it only repeated my original post! Sorry for any confusion. )
  11. here's another photo....sorry but my digital won't do Macro...piece of junk Sony.....
  12. I got these while stationed in Korea in 1964-65, had a lot of others but wife picked through them an put them in her coin collection, these were the "culls". Will try to get photos of the better ones in her collection but am interested in any info on these. Appreciate all help any can give, have seen some similar selling for big dollars and others similar in "grab boxes" for 50 cents; don't know what makes the difference between them. I think they are bronze, never cleaned, very very thin (almost like the thick paper in the back of a checkbook). No writing or marks on reverse so I just photo
  13. I was at my bank around noon and they had them, picked up two rolls and 5 singles to show. They do look much better in person as stated above. Not going to bother to photo and post, someone will do it. My bank was in a little hick town about 65 miles SW of Houston, if they had them I figured everyone did.
  14. I am new to this board and still not quite adept at utilizing the various options...but I wanted to express a Note of Thanks for those kind members who posted replies to my several inquires on ethics of buying, cleaning, etc. They were of great help and pointed me to several excellent resources. I tried posting some thanks on each site but for some reason can't quite seem to copy quotes yet, just did one and it got messed up., but thanks to all. basicbob
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