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  1. Hi Just a post to say hi to everyone and thanks in advance to all members who have posted lots of info and pictures that is helpful for a new coin collector like myself. I have a small collection of mainly English coins around 300/400 nothing of high value of really old age or rarity but it's still a collection i have put together. couple of pics of a couple of sets in collection Thanks
  2. ccg Thanks for explaining in technical terms much appreciated and thanks for info. I checked the post a couple of times and didn't realize i had put 1946 The coin is definitely a 1746 Lima half crown.I have checked to see if the 6 has been stamped over a 5 because i read that some coins was made that way. I noticed there was quite a few of the 1746 halfcrown coins for sale when i was searching for pictures to check about the reverse of coin. I have a small collection of about 300/400 english coins but none of high value or really old dates but its still a collection and i am le
  3. Hi I have just got a coin that i found a george11 1946 Lima half-crown. what i wanted to ask was if you look at a modern decimal English coin with queens head upright and then turn coin over to see back of coin (tales side) the picture is upright as well you don't have to turn coin upside 180 to look at picture. The George 11 1946 half-crown i have when you have kings head upright then turn coin over to look at the picture there is a Irish harp at the top and the date is at the bottom upside down with lion coat of arms you have turn coin round to read date....What i mean is that
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