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  1. My grandmother recently gave me a huge box of coins, and I found three or four coins that might be sanskrit. But, I'm not sure about the material, because it feels light. Does anyone know what sanskrit coins are made of?
  2. ohmigosh! i was googling (now a verb!) and i found this website on poket change! Some pennies are worth like $35,000! I'll try to find a link to it or sumtin'? Does anyone have a 1964 penny??
  3. ewwwwwwwwwwww...that is pretty ugly. are you guys seriously having a ugly coin competion? That is seriously lol-worthy!!
  4. WOW! That's a really cool coin that you've got there! I was looking at some of these coins and thier values online, and I saw one a lot like yours! I think it was worth a few thousand! ... BTW, you gonna sell it??
  5. Hey, It's me, little vinny, again!!!! So, I found another error coin. Well, I think it's a coin. It could be a game token, but it's silver, and has a lion in it with a design around the edges. The corners are smooth, and there are no numbers. I would like to know if it's a coin or not.
  6. Can anyone help me determine the value and time period of an error coin of mine? It's just a penny that wasn't printed on either side. Totally blank. Thanks!
  7. I keep getting a warning that the file size is too big when posting pictures. Please, help.
  8. Hello! A few years ago a relative if mine gave me some coins that she had collected. I looked through them a few weeks ago and found some that might be pretty valuable. I'm very new to coins and this forum, so I would love some help with these coins... I have one penny that was not printed when it was made- on either side! I also have a coin with a lion ( i think) in both sides... I'm not sure if it's a game token or a misprinted coin, 2 of these coins from India that have no english writing on them- they might be in sanskrit, and a very thin gold arabic coin that also has no english on i
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