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  1. Here are two of the same Zimbabwe notes that are different sizes. I believe the larger one is the "correct"/more common size. So I guess the smaller note is the "questionable" one here. The smaller one was from a bundle of all similarly sized smaller notes. Here's a high res scan of the two notes next to each other, black lines drawn by me to emphasize size difference: (note that while misalignment and mis-cut corners, etc in these notes are pretty common, mis-sized notes are less common though this is not the first time i've ran into them.) While all the minute elaborate details
  2. Searching these forums and the internet, it seems like a lot of known counterfeits found in the wild are pretty unsophisticated and can be detected with the naked eye when put next to an authentic note. Cheap chinese knockoffs by someone trying to make a quick buck in china or whatever. Is it thus safe to assume that if someone were to start up a counterfeiting scheme targeting a specific note series, there would be at the very least some trials and tribulations where earlier fakes were discovered and made widely publicly known before more sophisticated fakes show up? Anyone know of an
  3. I've wondering how one learns to detect counterfeit notes? I'm curious in general if there are any techniques that are universally applicable to banknote counterfeit detection. Surely people at PMG aren't expects in every single world currency, so what sort of ways to they check the authenticity of a note? More specifically, I've been collecting the hyperinflation notes of Zimbabwe recently.The anti-counterfeiting features obvious to me on those notes are: -foil strip -patterns visible when held up to light -small UV threads randomly dispersed on note -distinct features only visibl
  4. Hi, nice blog, I agree with others that some sort of textual content would improve it a bit. This is my first post here by the way I'm actually just getting into banknote collection as well, and just like you insane inflation rates are what first got me interested. It's just kind of cool having these pieces of paper as a country's economic fall, as troubling as it may be from a humanitarian point of view. Right now I have a bunch of Zimbabwe stuff, and then some Yugoslavian and Hungarian hyperinflation notes. You guys that have been collecting stuff for years, how do you branch out an
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