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  1. Hello!

    I have this rare silver coin - 5 kopecks 1762 - Peter III (V.V. Bitkin Comprehensive Catalog of Imperial Russian Coinage Kiev 2000, page 337, number. 3). Could anyone advise me if is it an original coin strucked in 1762 or if it was strucked later (novodel). And standard question: How much It's worth? Thanks.


    Its original, it's a pattern coin.V.V. Bitkin Comprehensive Catalog of Imperial Russian Coinage Kiev 2000 - garbage. prices in this catalog was used in 2000, 2001 years but now is 2011 don't forget about this!

  2. On example, My friends, http://www.ebay.com/itm/RUSSIA-1932-USSR-15-KOPEKS-LUSTROUS-VERY-CHOICE-BU-FEDORIN-53-/190583702274?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c5fac8302

    In Ukraine they cost =2$ in XF quality.


    Gxseries - about Your link to the prices,I'm tell U that from Russian prices U can trust only 'Konros', but 'Konros' isn't full price and has many discrepancies and in prices for the coins too. The real price on coins is Zahreba.M. (who wants,I can send it on email),but besides that prices use in Ukrain and Russia, for USA they will be abowe, because in the USA The offer is less, and demand is more.I tell You it with full responsibility as the 'black archeologist'.

  3. All these (except 5-1965, which is better year) are very common and can cost something only in BU condition.

    Or if there is some rare variety.

    Here in Russia they can be bought by weight, approx. couple bucks per kilogram.


    P.S. Actually those: "50 Copecks: 1961 ... 68,74,77,79,81-84,88" may bring maybe $0.50-$1.00 each.


    Its impossible,because In Ukrain 50 copecs 1961 ... 68,74,77,79,81-84,88 for all 25-30$, and U tell me that in USA they cost 6-12$.It is absurdity!

  4. Hi My friends! Please help me! How much will be cost such collection in the "XF" quality??? :confus:

    50 Copecks: 1961,64,67,68,74,77,79,81-84,88

    20 Copecks: 1961,1962,1977-1990

    15 Copecks: 1961,1962,1976-1991Л,1991М

    10 Copecks: 1961,1962,1969-1991Л,1991М

    5 Copecks: 1961,1962,1965,1974-1982,1984-1991Л,1991М

    3 Copecks: 1961,1962,1968-1991M

    2 Copecks: 1968,1970-1974,1976,1977,1979-1991Л,1991М

    1 Copecks: 1961,1966,1968,1969,1971-1974,1976,1977,1979,1991Л,1991М.



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