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  1. Thanks, guys. Art: I'll definitely check them out. Great looking coins sound awesome. YeOldeCollector: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
  2. Thanks, YeOldeCollector. I was thinking on getting one of every denomination, in whatever grade it happened to be. When you said I should do my homework before buying from eBay, why is that? I'm guessing there are copious amounts of forgeries around?
  3. Hi, everyone. I'm trying to get serious with coin collecting now. I've got plans: Pre-Decimal coins from 1900-1971, and Decimal coins from 1971/Release-Present. Up until now, all of my collection consists of what I've received as change, and as a result I've got loads of the Decimal coins, and keep getting the same ones in change. How would I go about getting the coins I'm missing? Thanks in advance.
  4. From looking on eBay, these coins will go for around £60-£80, and I'm not sure if forgeries are common, but people trying to scam you using a regular 20p are VERY common.
  5. Hello, everyone. My name is DJMonty. I'm 14, and live in England. I first got into coin collecting a few weeks ago when I hot a 1941 Half Penny in my change. Since then, I have obtained many other coins before the decimalization of British currency. I hope I will be welcomed here!
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