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  1. Uploaded till lot 795, 18 parts alltogether. I could only repeat: this is not a catalog. Only preliminary pictures and preliminary description too, but there's nothing to show to you now, 3 months before the auction and 2 months before the catalog must be prepared. If it is interesting for you please use this preliminary information - the only information, which is available now - during the "numismatically boring" summer. Thanks for the remarks about the mistakes, wrong pictures etc. - i hope they all will be corrected properly.
  2. Wrong picture deleted, many thanks! P.S. Trying to delete the wrong ricture unexpectedly deleted the hole part 4.
  3. Please be informed that already 724 lots from the october Sincona-7 auction (approx.1/3 of the total number of lots!) are preliminary described and preliminary depited http://www.mezmat.ru/sincona.php
  4. Thank you very much for the understanding.Our goal is to provide the collectors with the information, which is already available, ASAP. It is PRELIMINARY information only. These pictures are not for the auction cataloque and are PRELIMINARY too. The pictures for the cataloque will be of the highest quality. These PRELIMINARY information and PRELIMINARY pictures was and will be are uploaded futhermore by the other people, which helps the collectors to get the information about the coming auction and the lots ASAP. Thanks to the PRELIMINARY information you know 3-4 month before the auction abo
  5. Sincona has the duty and business professionally to optimize the selling results of their auction-consigners. Like for example Christies and Sotheby’s: they also make their auction preview public to as many collectors and dealers as possible – even on TV stations. The intention of this procedure is to contact as many collectors and dealers as possible.
  6. Please don't mixed up: the collector and the owner. Please be informed that 466 coins from the october auction are preliminary described and preliminary depited http://www.mezmat.ru/sincona.php
  7. As for expertise: everything was done with the full and prior consent of the owner and in strict compliance with the legislation of both Russia and Switzerland.
  8. I opened the links several times these day w/o any problems. The speed was great too. Please verify it again - you may have problems with your own computer and/or internet connection.
  9. The catalog must be completely ready for printing by the 15th of august.
  10. Some new very interesting coins are added http://www.sincona.com/content/ger/auktionen/vorschau_muenzen.asp?auctionID=8 It will be a democratic sale: 10 thousands of coins could be bought by hundreds of collectors if not thousands.
  11. SINCONA 7 auction will be on October 9-12, 2012. Please see preview http://www.sincona.c...asp?auctionID=8 . Some pictures are already there http://www.sincona.c...asp?auctionID=8 .
  12. The results of the auction will be available in internet on the following dates: SINCONA 2 - 27.10. SINCONA Speed 1 - 1.11. SINCONA 4 - 3.11. It is also possible, that the results will be available one day earlier.
  13. I would rather say the most impressive one over the years.
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