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  1. Good idea with the black velvet. Classic like the Goetz's art.
  2. I am sure that Karl Goetz would be proud of you. Your collection is like a KG museum...
  3. Trust me or not, I know Mr. Heinrich Heine personally! He's a waterproofing worker on my construction site! Same name, different person :-)
  4. I have Luxembourg- 2 Euro 2005 Commemorative "Henri & Adolphe" or Luxembourg- 2 Euro 2007 "The Grand-Ducal Palace" Commemorative
  5. Thank you! Indeed, the auction was successful!
  6. The only mexican products I've seen here are the Corona beer, tequilla and some Levi's jeans. No food... but I am proud to present you the "sarmale" - the best romanian traditional food.Picture and recipe in english here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danagrad/1423839292/
  7. Some of Yugoslav coins are also bilingual.
  8. Or the Bohemian lion... Anyway, the name of the romanian currency (Leu = Lion) is derivated from these particular Lion Thalers, these coins were largerly circulated in Moldavia and Wallachia during XVII and XVIII centuries. This coin is a "must have" of the every Romanian collector.
  9. Similar fantasy sets I have from Greece and Croatia. Souvenirs from boutiques in heavy tourist traffic zones...
  10. It's a very intertesting area to collect. I have some colonial coins with bi-lingual legend: english/chinese, portuuese/chinese, german/arabic, german/russian, french/arabic... My next target is a german/chinese legend.
  11. In my oppinion, the initial coin was the 175x two kopeks and after was overstruck the 1727 design. It doesn't smell good for me!
  12. Being an ebay auction, where people quick loose confidence, a situation like that can result in losing money for me ( a low end price). It can result also in high end price into the false auction from Polish site (if the situation in Poland is the same like in Romania: where local coins are far expensive than on ebay). That was the reason for I've signaled the fraud.
  13. I've contacted the allegro.pl and I hope that the images will be removed from fraudulent auction.
  14. Somebody already stole the pictures of my coin, and put it on a auction site from Poland: http://allegro.pl/show_item.php?item=476455650
  15. Yes, if you choose DHL. Normal shipping is 4,50 euro, or 6,50 registered mail. Nothing else than official prices of the Romanian Post... Past week one vf-xf exemplar was sold for 821 euro. The post were the same 20 euro: http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...=tab%3DWatching
  16. A very rare item at a very low start price! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170276193519
  17. In terms of rarity of dated coins, this coin is "the first". I can't believe that such a coin is still in private hands, being estimate so low I guess every major museum being able to buy it.
  18. http://www.coins-la-galerie-numismatique.c...id=12&pg=12 I saw a dozen of these offered for sale at a numismatic show in Romania few years ago. In my oppinion these are modern fantasies. Catherine in 1812? Anyway, the legend "Printz Moldav" (Moldavian prince) it is senseless at that time - Moldavia was under Fanariot rule (Greeks from Constantinople's suburb Fanar were the rulers in Moldavia and Wallachia).
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