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  1. 3,89 gram weight; 25,9mm diameter I found a link, but the story (and the price) looks exagerated to me: http://www.fountainpenemporium.com/Product...ductCode=GEO111
  2. I wonder how much vodka was involved in the minting process.
  3. Thanks God for being able to speak enough french language for convincing the seller to send the coins in Romania. The lot was "for sale in France" listed. For that reason it ended so low...
  4. A lucky find in a XIXth century coins lot, today arrived from France:
  5. About the first: France, 1845 "Equestrial Statue Inauguration ", original medal, in copper, signed Barre, this is the commemorative medal of the equestrial Statue inaugurated in 1845 for the Duc d'Orléans who died in 1842. Marked bronze with hand (Paris mint 1845-60)
  6. Romanian 5 lei 1885. 40,000 ex minted. I don't count the NCLT coins, I have some in 250 ex minted, but... I don't consider these REAL coins.
  7. DJB and one_kuna, what's the weight of your coins?
  8. In the real world nobody knows the differences between MS63+ and MS65. Artificial grading American system...
  9. I just received my last addition to my British coins. It's a 1822 crown TERTIO, hanged and engraved over king's neck "Hannah Walker, Rottington". The very interesting part is that a simple google search saw me out to the genealogy page of the Walkers from Rottington. Only two rows about Hannah Walker (born in 1805 died unmarried after 1891), but anyway an amazing link between a real coin and a real person 180 years ago... Here's the coin (the picture from ebay auction- the coin looks better in hand): Here's the link: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancest...amilystory.html
  10. South Africa 2 1/2 shillings 1894 Hungary 5 pengo 1938 Southern Rhodesia Crown 1953 Carefully selected
  11. Look at the silver commems issued in 1970's or 1980's, many of them are now available for sale under the issuing price. Under 50% of the coins increased in value. I don't refer at Russian/Soviet commems only.
  12. Yes indeed it's about Orleans mint (R mint mark) and "le coq" as mintmaster's Charles-Pierre Delespine sign. Mintage 5,666,758 pieces. Rare only if it's an overstrike over Decime (10 centimes). If it's not an overstrike, it's a common coin. A common coin of a uncommon (for that time) decimal system.
  13. A friend of mine bought it in Lvov, Ukraine from a local dealer as "unknown coin" for 50 euro. It is made from silver 9,87 grams, 31 to 31.5 mm in diameter, thin flan: 1.9mm, tooled rim but still very sharp, the fishbones from the edge looking good without magnifier. The coin sounds, even if under magnifier it looks slightly porous. Anyway, even the diameter and weight are correct, the design isn't like Uzdenikov 4918 (page 462, 463 in my 1992 second edition)
  14. The counterfeit of a fake can be result an original*? ____________ * original = previously unseen
  15. I will post these days the pictures of mine Southern Rhodesia crown. It doesn't look to be proof (maybe satin finish?) Do you have and the original green bakelite presentation box?
  16. My 1893 50 cents. Surface looks a bit porous, the weight is correct and it sounds. Can be a fake? (I bought it at Numismata Berlin from an British dealer in a 70-80 coins lot, inclusive an Ionian Islands 1819 obol, Zanzibar pysa and British west indies 1/4 dollar 1822).
  17. We have a friend here, see323, from that point of the world map. A very important point for the British Empire, now one of the most succesful independent state.
  18. And I have one Straits Settlements coin, result of cherrypicking from Numismata Berlin in past october. Surface is a bit porous, the colour is suspect, the weight is correct and the sound is ok. Any opinions?
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