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  1. Pina s-a prins proprietarul. Bine ai venit!
  2. Meaning that the pictures are used without approval from banknotes.com. Pozele nu se incarca, apare un banner rosu zicind ca trebuia sa pui un link html.
  3. I have on ebay sale one interesting item, a dog tag of a prisoner of war in Germany, in fact from two prisoner camps: Stalag XVII B (near Krems, Austria) and later in Stalag XVII A. It is very interesting that on one side is poinçonned the number for one camp, later cancelled, and on the other the number for another one. And yes, it was a camp of prisnners from US Air Force. Not an numismatic item, but an interesting one! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...s=tab%3DSelling
  4. ... but the german weapon had a long enough bayonette to manage the supremacy over all ennemies...
  5. I'm in! (hope to be First come, first served! )
  6. It must be 25 grams .900 silver. The Spain's second decimal coinage was accordingly the Latin Monetary Unit, so the 5 Pesetas coin were identically in weight and silver content with Francs, Lire, Leva, Lei, Dinara...
  7. It is rare. Mintage two thousand pieces. According to my Money Trend magazine, it 's value is 90 euro for VF, 400 euro for XF, 600 euro for AU, and 800 euro for UNC.
  8. I've put on sale some US coins: http://shop.ebay.com/banivechi/m.html?_nkw...from=&_ipg=
  9. The average man isn't Joe the plumber?
  10. Wow, a nice Lady Godiva ha'penny! I like the story behind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Godiva
  11. Nice find! Nice looking shilling! I love that colour!
  12. The animals on the shields looks funny. The ox has a nice haircut!
  13. Rare example you have there! I saw only one some years ago, in much lower condition. These coins were struck over Austrian 24 kreuzer 1800. Your preserved a large portion of the initial coin legend:
  14. banivechi


    Mr. Dan deserve a positive feedback after a succesful trade: professional photos of the coins in description, items delivered promptly, well packed, and the big surprise was to discover that even if the pictures are profis, the coins looks much better in hand! Definitely a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!
  15. Even the silver romanian coins from late XIX century are counterfeited in China: http://transylvanian-numismatics.com/phpBB...opic.php?t=4078 http://cgi.befr.ebay.be/Replica-ROMANIA-1-...p3286.m63.l1177 These have the word "copy" countermarked, but exists and without countermark.
  16. 2 Neu Guinea Mark 1894 (German New Guinea colonial coin). But I'm afraid that 1000$ won't be sufficient...
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