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  1. Nice stuff there! :rockon:

    About the poor quality of the numismatic accesories, in the same situation are the Leuchtturm 2x2's. Many of my silver coins preserved in 2x2's became yellow/greenish and greasy after 5-6 years. And they claim that the foil is Chloride free.

  2. Make me an irresistible offer for an old and almost complete Whitman folder "Canadian Nickel Collection 1922 to date" ( that means 1960!) with only 2 empty holes: 1925 and 1926 far 6. Note: The 1947dot wasn't known as variant at that time: Whitman has only 2 holes for 1947: simple and maple leaf). The coins are in average circulated condition, if you are interested for pictures simply wrote me a message here or on facebook.

  3. Are these coins that hard to find, or is it a case that there are few collectors out there and thus little demand for them?

    2-3 years ago I've put on ebay one consistent lot of Finland coins, 15-20 different from tsarist era and even more from 1920's to 1960's. Except one pierced 2 markkaa 186(3?) which was sold at unexpected high price and some tsarist copper pennias sold for $0.99/piece, all others remains unsold even after the second try. My opinion: there is a very low demand for these coins. Finland coins aren't the only in this situations, I think less than 10% of the non silver 20'th century coins are sought. Must be something interesting on it: art deco, elephants, zwastika, ships, to sell it. Mintage is significant for very few, because there are plenty of "key dates" for thousands types of coins.

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