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  1. hi there,im putting the last few coins on ebay if anyone is interested,will post to USA and CANADA,have sold lots so far great feedback,my ebay name is collywolly11.many thanks colin.
  2. i have been given the task of selling my late fathers collection of coins,there have been alsorts in the collection,many sold many to come,have a look might be of interest to members,ebay name collywolly11,100 sold 60+ active,collywolly11.
  3. hi ,iv been selling my late fathers coins on ebay for a month or so,not been able to tell forum until now,this coin is on ebay with the last of the coins,hope they are of some interest to people on here,ebay name collywolly11.forum members have bought some off me ,85 + feedback,shipping worldwide.kind regards colin.
  4. just come across this funny shaped coin.any ideas.collywolly11.
  5. any ideas at all,i havnt got a clue,not even a starting point,many thanks in return,collywolly11.
  6. Hi , does any one know what these 2 coins or tokens are ? .
  7. good news and bad news,the good news i found a 1827 george iii one penny coin ,very rare by all accounts,bad news it turned out to be a half penny,just a few million of them kicking about.keeping a brave face on .still a few more boxes to go through.but you guys make it a lot easier .collywolly11.
  8. again thank you,this all helps a lot,collywolly11.
  9. thats a great help,many thanks collywolly11.
  10. 1914 5 heller deutsh ost silver africa coin ,with hole in the middle,in very good condition,cant find value.collywolly11.
  11. another 1 ive found 1891 one dime seated,with an O or S on it,does anyone have an idea of its value,many thanks colin
  12. i have just found this one ,a 1860 half dime ,liberty is sitting down ,in fantastic condition,been in plastic cover,has the letter o on the bottom of the coin below half dime,any ideas collywolly11.
  13. cheers guys ,this place is fantastic,collywolly11.
  14. hi ,i have a 5 cent silver coin dated 1883,and all the ones ive seen have cents on the bottom of the v,and mine hasnt is there any reason for this,many thanks collywolly11.
  15. hi,you were spot on sold it for £102.00,i have two more to go will try to post pics of these but having trouble uploading pics,again many thanks collywolly11.
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