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    Kids, Gardening, and Canadian currency.
    No paper money, I just dont like it!
  1. MoS

    Penny VS Cent

    First I got in this fight with this guy on irc over it being called a cent. He says WikiPEDIA calls it a penny. I told him it a cent not a penny, I tried searching down information were it shows it really not a penny but a cent, I even explain that on the coin it says cent not penny. But he still doesnt believe me, he wants solid goverment proof. 0 Anyone have anything like that I can see? Or should I even bother with this NON-CoinCollector?
  2. 1945-2005 Canadian V nickle, Oregon P&D quarters. Thanks alot tiff
  3. THANK YOU FOR THE CANADIAN V-NICKLE!! hide all your canadians cause SMS is giving away one of my prooflike sets!!!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch tiff.
  4. MoS

    ebay coins

    you are like so silly
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